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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘F-A–FASHION 4 A–ALL’

Published on February 3rd, 2019 | Updated on February 3rd, 2019 | By FanFest

Maya and Melanie’s hopes decrease ‘EXPO’nentially  when they encounter some bad blood at the convention where they introduce their accessible clothing line on Speechless.

It is a double date of sorts for Maya and Jimmy with Melanie and Kenneth as they head to the Abilities EXPO. The ladies are thrilled to be introducing their accessible clothing line “Fashion 4 All” at the convention. As is usually the case for the DiMeos, things do not go as smoothly as they envisioned.

Jimmy shows Kenneth the ropes when it comes to being in a relationship with a feisty special needs mom. Meanwhile, Maya and Melanie must confront the fallout of their combative history with the special needs community.

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on the top 5 moments from this week’s episode of Speechless.

1) Nobody wants your suggestions.

Maya and Melanie regale Jimmy and Kenneth with their presentation for their clothing line. All they really want to hear is how great it is. Kenneth, however, begins to chime in with some constructive criticism. Jimmy cuts him short, pulls him aside and shares a lesson about being in a relationship with someone like Maya and Melanie.

Jimmy explains that he, too, has opinions and suggestions for Maya though they will never pass his lips. Jimmy shares the hard truth with Kenneth, “Nobody wants your suggestions. . . because we don’t matter.”

2) These are our people.

The two couples enter the convention hall. The ladies pause to take in the moment before their big debut at the Abilities EXPO. As they see the crowd of fellow special needs exhibitors and attendees, Maya exclaims. “These are our people!”

Their excitement is short-lived when they come face to face with negative encounters from their past. There is the physical therapist of whom Maya disapproved. Melanie sees someone from a school with whom she has a rocky past. Let us not forgot the insurance lady that Maya “Groundhog Day-ed”, ha!

Everywhere they turn they are reminded of past confrontations with “their people”. Ouch. Things really hit rock bottom when Maya learns that a special needs blogger that she battled with in the past is now working for the “SoCal Abilities Journal” – this woman has the power to put the kibosh on their clothing line venture.


Maya explains her history with the former blogger, now journalist. She describes an internet war of sorts when Maya accused the blogger of not actually being an expert about special needs care. The two went back and forth trying to get the last word. Maya says the only thing that stopped her from carrying on the war of words was when the “president of the internet” emailed her and asked her to stop.

Melanie implores Maya to apologize. As the two women walk away, Jimmy shares the fake email address he used to trick Maya into backing off of the blogger. It was Perfection!

4) No, I don’t think we are going to get the panelist swag bag.

While Maya and Melanie are busy trying to smooth over their reputation with their fellow exhibitors, Jimmy and Kenneth manage the Fashion 4 All booth. They get some good interest in the product and are even invited to be guests on a panel to talk about the accessible clothing line.

They are pretty proud of themselves until they begin getting some facts wrong about the clothes. For example, Melanie and Maya are horrified when Jimmy claims the jeans are $12 instead of $70. As the guys fumble on stage, Maya and Melanie take over the presentation from the crowd. The entrepreneurs are not well-received having burned some bridges historically with their assertiveness.

As the presentation goes downhill, Jimmy assures Kenneth that, “no, I don’t think we are going to get the panelist swag bag.” Poor Kenneth has so much to learn!

5) That is a nice haircut.

Jimmy refuses to let the ladies go down without a fight. He knows they have a great product to offer the special needs community. Jimmy knows what he has to offer that really does matter – his ability to encourage Maya. Of course, Melanie wants the pep talk as well, which proves hilariously awkward since Jimmy’s comments are specific to his love for Maya.

For Maya, he offers, “You are Maya freaking DiMeo”. For Melanie, it’s “You are Melanie”. He the reminds Maya how amazing and gorgeous she is. He then hilariously turns to Melanie and says, “That is a nice haircut.” Probably the funniest part, however, is that Melanie seems quite pleased with these very non-descript affirmations!

Jimmy inspires the pair to fight for their product, which they most certainly do. The entrepreneurs remind the crowd that they use the same energy they put into fighting for JJ and Logan into building the clothing line. They assure the families that they can use their passion to help all the families.

Things are looking up!

The Abilities EXPO story line was so rich in content, but there were indeed two other stories coinciding.

Dylan’s standardized test scores prove that she is quite intelligent despite her class grades. She struggles with the idea of sharing that trait with Ray. In the end she learns that she can still be smart without making it as big a part of her identity as Ray does.

Meanwhile, JJ takes Ray on an overnight college visit. JJ resists Ray’s “support” and wants Ray to just hang out and enjoy the trip. Ray ends up getting sick from what he thought were just desserts and ends up needing JJ to help care for him. Seeing Ray need his help reminds JJ that having a brother who wants to look out for him is not such a bad thing after all.

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