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WandaVision: Episode 2 Recap

Published on January 15th, 2021 | Updated on January 15th, 2021 | By FanFest

Here is our recap of WandaVision episode 2! Need our episode one recap? Right here!

The second episode opens up with a noise startling Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). She uses her powers to turn the lights on and off. This wakes Vision (Paul Bettany) up and he looks outside, getting startled and jumping back into bed. With another jump, Wanda pushes the beds together and then decides to look outside. She discovers it’s just a tree branch banging on the window. She turns the bed from one bed to two and Wanda and Vision move under the covers.

WandaVision Episode 2 Screenshot
CR: Disney/Marvel

The second episode features an animated opening, changing it from the first episode’s opening.

When the episode resumes we find Vision practicing magic, magic wand included. Wanda pushes a big cabinet out and Wanda gets into it. Vision plans to make her disappear. His trick is successful and we learn this talent show is for a fundraiser.

Wanda heads off to a meeting and Vision heads off to a neighborhood watch type thing.

A strange noise has Wanda investigating the front yard. She finds a weird object in the bushes, and it really stands out considering it’s the only colored object in the world. A little toy helicopter. Agnes startles Wanda into dropping it. Agnes ( is there dropping off her pet rabbit for the magic act.

After accepting the rabbit Wanda and Agnes head to the meeting. Agnes claims that Dottie, who they’re meeting, is key to everything in the town. Wanda thinks she can just be herself but Agnes laughs at her.

We switch to Wanda attending the meeting, with Wanda copying Dottie’s movements. Wanda, unfortunately, makes a fool of herself. Wanda keeps talking to Geraldine, much to Dottie’s displeasure.

WandaVision: Episode 2 Recap
CR: Dinsey/Marvel

Meanwhile, Vision arrives at the neighborhood watch meeting. Vision seats himself and begins asking questions, but they seem more interested in pastries. Vision nearly gives himself away with a crack about not eating food but recovers nicely. Vision quickly realizes they are more interested in gossiping than protecting the neighborhood. Vision accidentally swallows a piece of gum and it seems to get stuck between his gears.

At the committee, Wanda is helping Dottie clean up. Wanda is worried she’s done something wrong and offers to make it right. Dottie claims she’s heard things about Wanda and her husband. Wanda insists she means no one harm but Dottie says she doesn’t believe her. Then things get weird again as someone tries contacting Wanda over the radio, leaving her looking panicked.

A glass shatters in Dottie’s hand, leaving her bleeding. This is odd, again, as the blood is in color.

Then we get a strange commercial again, just like in the first episode. This time it’s for a watch, that bears the name Strucker and has a Hydra symbol on it.

When the show returns we see various acts at the talent show. Wanda is panicking over Vision not showing up, but when he does show up he looks almost drunk. The gum is messing up his insides. Wanda tries telling him about all the odd things going on, but then it’s time for their act.

As Dottie Introduces them they chant “for the children again” in a weird cult-like manner. They did this at the committee meeting as well. Vision finally stumbles out, still out of it. Vision gives a speech then shocks everyone and then begins to fly. Wanda uses her magic to make him hang from a rope, to dispel suspicion. This garners some applause.

Then, Vision lifts the piano with a single hand. Wanda then covers that one up by turning it into a cardboard cutout. Then Vision calls on an audience member and initiates a card trick. Vision grows frustrated at his failure.

Vision claims he’s going to pull the hat out of himself then phases it through himself. Wanda passes this one off as a mirror trick. Wanda finally pulls the cabinet out. Vision does the trick early, forcing Wanda to teleport Geraldine in the box to cover up the mistake.

After the show, Wanda brings him backstage to figure out what’s wrong with him. She pulls the gum out of his system, curing him. Together the two try to make an escape but they’re called back by Dottie. Instead of being upset, Dottie claims they were hilarious. Dottie’s calls them up to the stage and awards them comedy performance of the year.

As they take their bow Geraldine asks how they got her in the cupboard, but they just say that they won’t reveal their secrets.

Once home the two congratulate themselves, and Wanda says it wasn’t hard to fit in after all. They too claim it was for the children. Then, out of nowhere, once she stands Wanda is pregnant. A loud noise sends Vision outside to check if the tree is banging on the window again. Instead, they find a manhole cover in the street moving, and someone clicks up out of it. It’s some kind of beekeeper. After just saying “no” the show rewinds to when Wanda discovered her pregnancy.

WandVision Episode 2 Screenshot 2
CR: Disney/Marvel

This time there is no loud noise though, and Visions face is now in color. Then the entire house is colored in. The two share a kiss and the episode closes out again…

Except we hear the man over the radio again as it closes out.

WandaVision episode 2 took us to some strange places, for sure. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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