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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘H-E–HEY, Y-O–YOU’

Published on January 19th, 2019 | Updated on January 19th, 2019 | By FanFest

Everyone is vying for some attention this week on Speechless.

Just when you thought “Hey, you” was only used when you cannot remember someone’s name, Kenneth goes and gives it new meaning. Melanie and Maya have gone from enemies, to frenemies, to practically BFFs. So, it’s no surprise that Maya gets jealous when Melanie begins spending time with Kenneth.

Jimmy’s band enjoys the “satisfaction” of playing a gig for adoring (but clueless) fans. Meanwhile Ray inserts himself into JJ’s latest film assignment in hopes of winning a young lady’s attention.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and a few lessons learned. Just don’t try to find a takeway for Jimmy this week. Let’s take a look at 5 of the top hashtag worthy moments this week on Speechless.

We all had a family meeting with our eyes

Have you noticed that the DiMeos have perfected the eye roll? Each family member has their on unique twist. For instance, Jimmy’s is more of a closed-mouth glance upward. Maya uses the complete roll with a jaw drop (for dramatic effect, no doubt!) JJ’s tends to include a shake of the head, and so on.

Sometimes, no words are necessary to get your point across or see that you are all feeling the same. Each DiMeo winces in some fashion whenever Kenneth doles out a “hey, you” to one of his romantic interests, past or present. Maya tells him “We all had a family meeting with our eyes” and they want him to stop using the “hey, you”. Imagine Maya’s surprise when Kenneth walks in one day and says “hey, you” to her new business partner and friend, Melanie Hertzel.


Before Maya finds out that Melanie is seeing Kenneth, she is confused at Melanie’s wistful but lackadaisical behavior. She is missing deadlines and not completing assignments for their new adaptive clothing business. Maya asks Melanie, “Where is the drive and force that’s going to help make me a ‘thousandaire’?” I guess when the cracked laptop is the most valuable item in the house, the DiMeos don’t set the bar too high.

Another  hilarious moment occurs when Jimmy’s band mate (Kyle Gass) reminisces about them playing gigs when they were younger saying, “We were broke, lived in crappy houses. We hated our jobs.” Jimmy plays along asking, “Yeah, remember those days?”. I, for one, can appreciate the modesty of the DiMeo family’s financial situation. And if you can keep a sense of humor about it, even better!

Who’s Ray?

Poor Mr. Powers has been through a recent break-up and turns to his students for help remembering what love is.  The film students are tasked with making a romantic film. When Ray hears of the assignment he offers to star in the movie with a girl named Izzy who he just encountered in the planetarium.

Ray remembers the encounter as being fraught with flirtation. When JJ’s friend and project partner, Aaron, points to Ray, however, Izzy responds with “Who’s Ray?” It looks like Ray has a tough road ahead of him trying to convince Izzy to fall for him and agree to the film’s kissing scene.

Don’t you just love Ray’s optimism? When Izzy complains about the writing, Ray pretends to speak for JJ and suggests that she come over to the house to work on the script.

He should be real, not perfect.

Ray’s plan backfires when Izzy’s visit to their house ends up revealing a connection between Izzy and JJ, not Ray. Izzy and JJ go for a sweet “walk” where JJ pulls Izzy in a rolling chair behind his power wheelchair because she’s tired.

Izzy reveals that she has seen all of JJ’s movies and thinks he is a great writer. She talks about how the characters’ romance should not be forced and over the top. She describes the characters having a connection as she touches JJ’s arm. Izzy says the movie’s leading man “should be real, not perfect”. I think I spy a love connection.

JJ rewrites the script using Izzy’s advice. Izzy is clearly moved by the emotion of the story, so much that she asks if she should do the kiss with Ray. JJ looks troubled. Hmm . . .

Maya, this isn’t about you

When Kenneth’s newfound romance with Melanie begins interfering with her business project, she wants Kenneth to step aside. Kenneth refuses. Remember when I spoke last week of the competitiveness between Kenneth and Maya? This week proves my point well.

Each one tries to foil the other one’s plans with Melanie and they end up telling Melanie she needs to break up with one of them. Melanie refuses to choose and dismisses them both.

Kenneth and Maya go to Melanie’s house each hoping to win her back. On the way, Kenneth tells Maya, “This isn’t about you.” He explains how he has dedicated so much to her and her family the last couple of years that he has not been able to focus on a serious relationship for himself.

Maya runs inside Melanie’s house, locking the door behind her. She implores Melanie to keep them both in her life, but if she cannot do that, to please continue seeing Kenneth. Kenneth comes inside after hearing Maya through the door and serenades Maya in gratitude for putting his needs before hers. It looks like things are back on track!

I have to add a category tonight, “most gif-able moment”.

Jimmy dancing like Mick Jagger

Jimmy and the band have fooled the high school kids into thinking that The Rolling Stones‘ song “Satisfaction” is their own. The kids absolutely love it and Dylan’s friend asks Jimmy to do “the dance” again. Jimmy’s impression of Mick Jagger dancing is priceless and totally a laugh out loud moment. Enjoy this gift, I mean, gif!

The Speechless Podcast

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