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SDCC: Is Mon-El Coming Back? How Dark Will Season 3 Be? Fan Fest Speaks to the Cast of ‘Supergirl’

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. DCTV panel was absolutely crazy! It had everyone from Arrow and The Flash all the way to Supergirl and the newcomer Black Lightening. 

Fan Fest had the opportunity to speak with some of the cast from Supergirl to get some insight on what’s to come in season three as well as some reflection on previous seasons!

Melissa Benoist – Kara/Supergirl

SDCC: Is Mon-El Coming Back? How Dark Will Season 3 Be? Fan Fest Speaks to the Cast of 'Supergirl'

Can you talk about how Kara’s dealing with Mon-El leaving?

This season picks up a couple months after she had to send him away. That vulnerable shaken state that you saw in her at the end of season 2, she’s sort of solidified and withdrawn into herself. The scales that she is always balancing as Supergirl and Kara Danvers as a reporter are heavily leaning on Supergirl now. She’s thrown herself into her work as a hero to kind of deal with the grief. It’s a much darker and adult Kara than we’ve seen.

Are we going to see any ramifications from Cat discovering Kara is Supergirl?

I am longing for the day where Kara and Cat discuss this. But, I don’t think, as of now, Kara doesn’t know that Cat knows. I think she’s probably known the whole time and just never said anything, which is so funny. Cat is in the first episode of the season, and the way that she was written in was so smart and clever and I’m excited for people to see.


How was working on the musical episode with The Flash?

I had a ball! I had such a fun time. I don’t know what my expectation was going into it – I was nervous, but Grant (Gustin) and I have so much fun together and when we are working on musical comedy stuff and tap dancing together, I don’t know if I’ve laughed that hard in a really long time.


Jeremy Jordan – Winn

SDCC: Is Mon-El Coming Back? How Dark Will Season 3 Be? Fan Fest Speaks to the Cast of 'Supergirl'

How have you enjoyed being more integrated with the mythology and the alien story lines this season as opposed to CatCo all season long?

It’s great, I love it! Winn gets to kind of nerd out a little bit more and be his true sci-fi loving, conspiracy theory creating self. He gets to actually sort of exploit his true talents, which I think he is still finding what those really are. He’s a smart guy, he’s never really given himself enough credit, until Kara and Supergirl came along and decided ‘hey, you know what? You’re smarter and a lot more capable than you think’ and he’s just kind of loving his life and living the dream for him.

How have things changed for his this coming season?

I think they’ll probably start off with Winn and his fun-loving self. Everybody’s sort of affected by Kara and her dealing with the loss of Mon-El. So we are all kind of swept into that. I think we will see a little more of Winn and Kara’s relationship. We kind of left it alone for a while after he confessed his love for her in season 1, so I don’t know with Mon-El gone the kind of rekindle their friendship. I personally don’t think that road is ever going to get traveled down anymore. He’s still in a relationship with Lyra, who is the alien girl from last year, so we might hear from her later down the line. I do think that we are going to be exploring a little more of Winn’s backstory and his family life.

How was your experience on the musical episode?

It was great, we went on The Flash and I was just happy they let me do a little something. They let me put on a silly character voice and sing some songs and I miss it. I grew up a singer, I’ve always been doing that. Almost everything that I’ve done on TV and film has been musical, whether a movie or a TV show and this has been the first time I’ve gotten away from that. I did it on purpose because I wanted to branch out, but it was fun to get back to it and that’s kind of where my heart is.

Chris Wood – Mon-El

SDCC: Is Mon-El Coming Back? How Dark Will Season 3 Be? Fan Fest Speaks to the Cast of 'Supergirl'

What’s going on with Mon-El?

I don’t know, I’m here! The worst part of it all is I can’t tell you anything.

Well your presence tells us something…

The big thing with Mon-El is, if and when he comes back, is where he’s been what happened to him, and what he carries with him because of whatever experience he had. It’ll throw some really cool dimensions into the show in ways that fans will be pretty excited about. I’m excited to find out more about it because we only have about 2 scripts right now, so we have a long way to go.

Were you aware of any of the fan critisicms of the Mon-El and Kara relationship and even Mon-El in general?

I had heard about it. I don’t particularly pay attention to that. Also, the highs aren’t real and the lows just bring you down. So, I find it’s best to kind of work with your own chasm of the character in the show and hope that people take the things that you love about it and also the things you hate about it.

I felt very lucky and very happy to the arc that I had. Some of the things that you are probably referencing with the criticisms and closed-mindedness of Mon-El early on. It was easy to jump on as ‘this guy sucks’ but the whole point is finding a way to take a character from a very selfish place to the ultimate sacrifice at the end which is ‘I’m going to give my life to save everyone else’, which is the biggest journey you could give a potential hero -to have them start in a place to always do the thing that protects them and then have them sacrifice themselves.

So, I was happy that got to go that way and I think any relationship with a character ebbs and flows, and for me that’s the best part of it. Sometimes, people are not going to like a character or the decisions that your character makes, but Mon-El is a hero. At the end of the day in the comics he’s a hero and the whole point of his character is to watch the evolution of someone who has flaws.