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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 76: Killing Mr. Honey”

Jughead got into the University of Iowa but he needs to get them some extra samples for them to take him in the fall. He chooses to submit a story “Killing Mr. Honey.” In the story, they kidnap Mr. Honey, without his glasses, and hold him in a cabin. Cheryl is the first to take watch and of course, Mr. Honey tries to smooth talk his way out of his out of the cabin.

Next up is Varchie, who finds him dead. The crew starts to panic. What happened? Who’s responsible? Luckily, they all have experience moving dead bodies.

Mr. Honey is now missing and some adventure scouts found his glasses. Reggie feels super guilty and starts to unravel. He’s got to go. It turns out they were the monsters all along.

Of course, Jug’s story is based on real feelings…

Mr. Honey refuses to publish the yearbook because Betty was late. That and the fact that he’s been on their case for months pisses her off enough to consider killing him or at least scaring him enough to leave town. Reggie suggests a huge senior prank. They put super glue on everything.

He didn’t appreciate the prank and threatens to cancel prom unless the people responsible for it come forward. Betty does some sleuthing to get back at him and learns that he’s canceled prom at every school he’s been at. Bring in the parents. They convince Mr. Honey to keep prom!

Charles gets another video and takes it to Mr. Honey. This time it’s of the school. Mr. Honey takes it as a threat and now refuses to let extracurriculars, like prom, happen.

It feels wrong. Like Mr. Honey made it himself… and he did! He claims the feud stems from him trying to prepare them all for the real world and to make the school safer. But because of his antics, Mr. Honey is fired. He’s moving on to be Stonewall Prep’s new headmaster.

The secretary is ashamed of the group as Mr. Honey was the best principal that Riverdale has ever seen. Too bad he didn’t let the students see this side of him… He even wrote a stellar letter of recommendation for Jughead. He needs to change his story ASAP! He was enjoying Mr. Honey’s suffering and the letter made him realize what he was saying in the original draft.

Jelly Bean pops in with a new videotape- Of Hermione Lodge’s cabin, the one where she killed Sheriff Minetta. Bughead investigates and they find another tape. This one shows the story that Jughead was originally going to send to Iowa. Except, the actor playing Mr. Honey dies, for real.


I LOVED Kevin breaking the fourth wall with his Jarchie prom fanfiction comment! Also, did Hiram Lodge just use his powers in a way that I agree with? Anyway, I loved this finale so much! It was so satisfying. But I NEED to know who the victim in the final video was and how they got a hold of Jughead’s story! This season was cut short due to COVID-19 so I hope we’ll get a longer season 5 to make up for it! Fingers crossed!

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