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‘Riverdale’ Recap ‘Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying’

Published on October 11th, 2017 | Updated on October 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

Chapter 13 left off with us finding out who killed Jason Blossom: his father. We were also left with another mystery: Will Fred Andrews survive his gunshot wound? Jughead is a now under protection of the Serpents and the Jubilee was ruined.

Chapter 14 continues where 13 left off.

Archie gets his dad to the hospital and he is going to be okay. Mrs. Cooper immediately starts blaming the Serpents as a ploy to come between Betty and Jughead. #Bugheadforever

Veronica takes Archie home to get cleaned up and to help him calm down. Things get a little steamy between them.

Jughead goes out and enlists his fellow Serpents to see what they can find out about the robbery.

Betty and Kevin stay to keep watch at the hospital when Cheryl shows up at the hospital with her mother. There was a fire at Thornhill the night before and her mother suffered 3rd degree burns. Cheryl says she was asleep when it happened but we all know otherwise, thanks to Chapter 13. Cheryl is actually freaking me out a little.

Archie is called in to the police station to view the suspect line up and Veronica asks Bughead to help find Fred’s wallet. Veronica goes to see her mother to try to see if she knows anything about what happened to Fred.

Bughead searches Pop’s Diner and Pop says that he has faced many thug in his life, but none like the guy who shot Fred.

Back at the hospital, Archie tells his friends that he acted like a coward when his father was shot. He then makes a vow to protect his father, no matter what.

Fred opens his eyes.

Jughead goes home to find a guy tied up and beaten, Veronica goes home to her father and Miss Grundy is killed in her new home in Greenville.


Betty is growing concerned that Jughead is turning to the dark side and joining the Serpents. Do you thin she should be worried? Who is this murderer and why is he targeting people close to Archie? What is Cheryl up to? How powerful is Hiram Lodge? This episode posed more questions than it asked, which is cruel but I’ll definitely come back for more. I am loving Riverdale!


Long Live Fred Andrews


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