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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 75: Lynchian”

Lynchian, a word used to describe the balance between the macabre and the mundane found in the works of filmmaker David Lynch, which also describes Riverdale.

Jughead is rattled by the creepy video of a recreation of his death and watches hours of surveillance footage to try to catch the person who dropped off the video. Ethel Muggs dropped off some tapes but doesn’t know anything about this one.

Charles believes Ethel knows more than she’s letting on, especially when he finds Bughead’s sex tape in her house. She says she found it in the Scarlet Suite along with rougher tapes, some even resemble the voyeur tapes. Jughead even finds the video of Clifford shooting Jason.

Veronica and Cheryl have been marketing their rum to the college crowd, but Jinx Malloy, a maple moonshiner, is not happy and wants it shut down. When they refuse, the Maple Club gets trashed. Hiram, who isn’t behind this one, actually tries to protect Veronica and in turn, gets beat up. Due to the drama, Cheryl quits and. Veronica reconsiders going into business with her father.

Archie can’t stop thinking about his kiss with Betty. She can’t seem to let it go either. While their s/o’s are working, they’re in the bunker…alone. And they’re holding hands!? Archie writes songs and Betty reminisces on old memories written in her diary. Cheryl knocks sense into Betty by saying people do stray but that Bughead is real, Barchie is a fantasy.

Barchie decides to meet in the bunker to figure things out. Archie sings a song he wrote for Betty and she stops him, ending the fling. She chalks it up to them being comfortable with each other considering everything is changing. This kicks Archie in the butt and he seriously considers joining the Navy. Betty burns her diaries.

Cheryl got another tape, this one is a recreation of Jason’s murder.

Also in Riverdale: Reggie gets in on Kevin and Fangs’s tickle videos… things get weird from there. Terry, pissed that the boys went rogue, calls Principal Honey who shuts the tickling down.


Ethel is back! I’ve missed her. Also, I’m loving the season 1 flashbacks! I’m so proud of Betty for calling the fling off. I’m still mad it happened but she did the right thing. OMG Kevin and Fangs are moving to Pittsburgh together! That’s adorable. Principal Honey frequents the Scarlet Suite? That’s gross… does he know who shot the voyeur tapes? And of course, Hiram lied to Veronica! I am pumped for next week’s season finale!

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