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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 73: The Locked Room”

During his death, Jughead looked for clues as to why the Stonies wanted him dead and why they wanted to blame Betty. Thanks to Hermosa, Jughead is going to turn Stonewall Prep upside down.

Jughead turns the classroom into a locked-room mystery. Jughead then tells them a story, after all, he does have the conch.

Bughead unravels all the lies and reveals that to earn the Baxter Brothers contract, one must first commit the perfect murder. That way, they can then be worthy to write about it. Except, when Jughead got the contract, the tables turned and the new game was to kill him.

Mr. DuPont gave Jughead the clue to who his killer(s) is(are). Donna kept Betty busy, Brett lured Jughead into the woods and Joan used the rock. Johnathan, who was supposed to check Jughead’s pulse, developed a conscience, so he had to go.

DuPont murdered his cohort, all except Jughead’s grandfather. And as this tale kept growing, he had to get rid of those who knew too much.

Charles helped them out tremendously. He nursed Jughead back to health and investigated DuPont, finding trophies of all his victims.

Forsythe, the first, then tells them that he was warned about DuPont’s doings and that’s why he fled, fearing he’d be next. DuPont knew FP OG was alive and used Jughead to lure him out of hiding.

DuPont, cornered, jumps out the window, killing himself.

Joan has diplomatic immunity and legally leaves the country, never to be able to return. Brett tries to negotiate but fails and is forced to give up his sex tape stash.

Donna, however, still wins by continuing to play the victim and ends up with the Baxter Brothers contract. She did all of this for revenge, her grandmother was one of DuPont’s victims. Betty asks her to walk away from the contract or proof that she’s the mastermind behind all of this gets leaked nationwide.


This mystery was wonderful. I can’t express how awesome the twists and turns were! There were so many layers, it’s crazy! All I can say is thank god Jughead is alive! What’s going to happen next!

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