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‘Riverdale’ recap “Chapter 72: To die for”

Rest in Peace Jughead.

Alice is documenting Jughead’s death… She interviews the townsfolk about the murder in a small town. Pops, FP, Toni and Cheryl, everyone.

While Betty is packing Jughead’s things, she gets an idea. FP quickly gets a tip on a new lead, Donna. While he searches Donna’s room, she tells him a sob story about being afraid of Betty… this leads to Betty, Veronica and Archie’s arrest.

FP interrogates the trio individually, but when the blood on the rock comes back clean, the trio is free to go.

Donna, not expecting that, starts to plan-AH! Johnathan smeared the blood on the rock! This proves that Betty is innocent. Donna then accuses Betty of working with FP and that Jughead isn’t actually dead.

Betty’s next move is to plan a funeral. Per Serpent tradition, the funeral is held at their house. The preppies are invited and ruin things by trying to open the casket.

Kevin confronts Betty about whether or not Jughead was really dead. Everyone is talking about it. Betty starts unraveling under the pressure. Seeing as Archie has always been there for her, she kisses him. What? Veronica finds out and flips out, hoping they both rot in hell.

Betty admits to sneaking around in Dilton’s bunker, but she wasn’t there to meet Jughead, she was with Archie. It turns out that they’d been “seeing” each other for a little while.

They fooled us all! It was all a ruse. Our darling Jughead is alive!


Brett admits that they “killed” Jughead and it was all Donna’s idea. Woah, woah, woah, what happened to Johnathan? Anyway, why did they want to kill Jughead and blame it on Betty? I get that Jughead needed to play dead to prove this but why did this have to happen in the first place. What a plot twist!

Anyway, it’s wonderful that Hermosa helped the Fab Four out by finding dirt on Donna. But why the sudden nicey-nice on her part?

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