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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 52: The Raid”

Hiram is opening his prison and Hermione is not invited to the ribbon cutting. MadDog and the rest of the jail are being transferred to Hiram’s prison. Archie and Veronica meet with Governor Dooley to try to keep this from happening. They are pardoned and Archie lets them stay at his gym if they have nowhere else to go.

Veronica suggests that her parents seek marriage counseling. Hiram tells her to grow up, it’ll never happen. Hermione believes she’s in danger thanks to a little gift that was left on her desk. Veronica asks that he protect his wife and allow her to come to the ribbon cutting. Hiram has his marriage annulled as it’s less public than a divorce.

Evelyn still doesn’t trust Betty, so Betty recruits Cheryl to infiltrate the Farm. Cheryl was supposed to be interviewed by Evelyn but ends up being interviewed by Edgar. She is instantly under his spell. Cheryl enjoys the Farm and plans on going back. After hearing why Alice and Cheryl like the Farm, Betty asks to meet Edgar.

Gladys and Jughead seem to be headed for war. They won’t stop until they get what they want. While Gladys continues her plan, Jughead has vowed to run the Gargoyles out of Riverdale. The Serpents start with the hotspots. They do well but disrupt FP’s bust. Jughead refuses to stand by and watch so he and the Serpents raid the apartment complex to rid it of Gargoyles. The raid is a success until Kurts throws himself and Jughead through a window.


This episode was interesting. I didn’t expect Cheryl to fall for the Farm or for Hiram to actually listen to Veronica… Wait, JB doesn’t know what her mother is doing? Somehow I’m not so sure I believe that. How does Cheryl see Jason or Alice seeing Charles? Do they have a weird hologram thing or a mirror of erised (#HarryPotter)?  Either way, the Farm seems even sketchier than before, if that’s even possible.