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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 45: The Stranger”

Archie’s back and there’s something different about him! He dyed his hair, drinks rootbeer floats and seems to be suffering from PTSD. The rest of the Fab Four catches him up in life and with his studies, but that might not be enough. He might have to repeat his junior year.

Betty gets him to dye his hair back just in time for his welcome home party. He walks out shortly after arriving. Reggie tries to console Veronica but she’s pushing him away. Reggie accidentally lets it slip that he and Veronica had a moment. Archie forgives her but she thinks he shot her father. Varchie is officially no more.

Alice gave Betty’s life savings to The Farm to try to persuade her to join. She needs to see her father, the Black Hood, so he can sign an affidavit to get her money back. Hal, impressed with the Gargoyle King, is getting in Betty’s head and wants a copy of the G&G manual before he signs the affidavit. He brings up Ascension Night. Remember when the principal died in the 90’s? Yeah, that was Hal. Big surprise. Alice says she’s never visited Hal, Penelope did. Turns out Hal lied.

Hiram hires Claudius Blossom as the new Sheriff and he wants to buy The Sisters of Quiet Mercy facility. What is he up to now? Hermione begins to question him but he’s even hiding things from her. Fangs is back to report that he’s been invited to the Gargoyle King’s inner circle. Jughead tells him to go and the Serpents crash the party. Tall Boy is the current Gargoyle King? Really! Tall Boy summons Hiram but instead, Claudius shows up and now both he and Tall Boy are dead. FP is now the sheriff.


So much happened in this episode, almost too much. I ship Veggie, but I am sad that Varchie is done. Who else got serious Silence of the Lambs vibes from Hal in jail? Anyway, who shot Hiram? But seriously, what is going on with him? He keeps getting shadier and shadier and seems to have gone off the deep end. I have so many questions coming out of this episode, how many times can I ask what is going on in one episode? It’s time for what, Hermione? Time for WHAT?