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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 34: Judgment Night”

Fangs, unfortunately, passes away. Reggie didn’t shoot him though, Midge’s mother did. The Bulldogs meet up to share the news with The Serpents at the high school. Luckily the principal stops them before they kill each other.

Hermione offers a bounty of $1 million for the Black Hood’s capture. Veronica, upset, breaks into her father’s desk and finds intimate pictures of Fred and Hermione. Hermione was in on the secret. They were going to use the photos to ensure a Lodge victory. Papa Poutine’s son, Small Fry is out for blood. He enters the Lodge’s house to kill Hermione and Veronica. Hermione doesn’t hesitate to shoot him down. Veronica realizes that there will always be an “October Surprise” with daddy…

The Ghoulies and Penny Peabody are back, thanks to Hiram. Penny heeds a warning: Serpents leave or the Ghoulies attack. The Serpents vote to go to war. If they go down, they go down fighting. Jughead calls Hiram to give a counter offer, something that could stop the war, himself.

Cheryl wounds the Black Hood with an arrow. It’s possible that Hal could be the Black Hood, especially because he just checked into the E.R. Betty gets a call from the Black Hood to come home or he’ll kill her mother. At home, Hal shows some creepy home movies detailing the Conway family murders. Hal’s father killed the Conway family and Hal asks Alice to record his story. He admits to everything even the fact that he’s the Black Hood. Meanwhile, Fred dodges a Black Hood attack. How is that possible?

Jughead NO! I refuse to believe that he is dead! I was going to discuss my thoughts on the episode as a whole but that last scene broke my heart. Seeing FP cry didn’t make it any better. I will discuss it once I recover from this episode. Holy cow there was a lot to this episode! I truly hope the Jughead will be ok. I live for his narration. The Ghoulies better watch their backs now. Next week is the finale and it’s going to be a big one.