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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Chapter 32: Prisoners”

We thought that the Black Hood was dead, but that was before he murdered Midge during the school musical. Is there a new Black Hood? No one has faith in the police, especially since this Black Hood is after those who escaped him the last time. Bughead and Varchie discuss the possibilities: the real Black Hood might be alive, Chic, a copycat killer and tons of other theories. They are possible victims, along with Fred and Moose.

Betty is afraid that Chic is connected to Mr. Svenson or the new Black Hood. Bughead visits the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to find out more about Chic but they don’t find what they’re looking for. Chic is not her brother. When confronted, Chic lashes out and tries to hurt the Coopers. After he cuts Alice, Betty knocks him out and ties him to a chair. He admits to not being Charles. He says that Charles OD’d the day that Alice turned him away. Alice leaves to tell FP that Charles was his and that he died.


Archie goes investigating by himself and gets jumped by a few black hoods. Turns out it was Nick St. Clair. He’s still angry about Archie’s last visit. He demands that Veronica pay the price or he’ll take his frustrations out on Archie. Hiram won’t pay the debt because the St. Clairs have mob ties and besides Archie isn’t blood. Veronica takes matters into her own hands by paying Nick anyway. She doesn’t have enough cash so he asks for a night with her. Veronica roofies Nick, gets Archie back and walks away with an extra million dollars. Even though Archie knows Hiram was going to let him die, he is still worried about “making his bones” with Hiram.

Betty gets a call from the Black Hood. Betty’s ringtone, while charming in a normal setting, is super creepy in Riverdale. Anyway, Black Hood tells her that she needs to bring Chic to him. Betty takes Jughead to the hostel where she found Chic. They talk to Chic’s neighbor who tells them that she thinks Chic killed Charles. FP pulls Jughead out of the situation and Alice tells Hal everything, even the murder in their kitchen. Betty leads Chic to the Black Hood. Chic apologizes but ultimately is left in the hands of the Black Hood.


Archie, Archie, Archie… when will you learn? You don’t go chasing a killer by yourself! He put his and Veronica’s lives in danger, but he doesn’t seem to see that part. But how did he get out of the trap? It looked like he was handcuffed to the chair, so how did he free himself? Also, I knew that Charles was FP’s. I knew it, I knew it! I love Alice and FP’s chemistry and you can totally tell they were in love and it’s so sweet. That being said, I do prefer Bughead.

I am in love with this episode! The underlying theme of imprisonment is both beautiful and unsettling. This episode proved that you can be trapped in several different ways and none of them are obvious. I also loved how Veronica schooled her dad in his own game and how Betty got rid of Chic. Both were brutal and empowering and did I mention that I loved this episode?