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‘Riverdale’ Recap “Ch. 37: Fortune and Men’s Eyes”

Betty is fine after her seizure and Jughead invites her to investigate the Gargoyle King with him. Dilton died and Ben is in a coma after taking cyanide mixed with a blueberry flavored drink. He also has rune-like symbols carved into his back. Apparently, it was some kind of suicide pack because when Ben recovers, he jumps out a window to join Dilton. Even the coroner is spooked.

Ethel Muggs is wrapped up in this and tells them about Dilton’s bunker. The bunker is full of stuff from that weird game Dilton and Ben were playing including chalices and the missing Adventure Scout. When interrogated by Bughead on why she stood them up, Ethel has a seizure. Could it be linked to the one Betty had?

Archie has been processed and Veronica is doing all she can to make sure nothing changes for when he gets out. She starts by buying him shoes, which are a hot commodity in juvenile detention. She also looks into the Innocence Project to see what they can do to get Archie out. To try to make his sentence bearable, Archie tries to get everyone to stop fighting and play football instead. The inmates agree but, of course, Hiram gets the guards to see it as a riot and the boys are detained. He’s now the new Mad Dog.

Archie seems to be handling himself pretty well, but he needs to get out. I can’t stand Hiram having this one-up on him and Veronica. Although, if Archie being locked up leads to more Vixen musical numbers, then maybe he can stay a bit longer.


This whole episode was creepy and I absolutely hate jump scares! I’m glad they found the Adventure Scout but this whole mystery is super weird. Especially because the adults of Riverdale seem to know exactly what this is and that it has happened before. Poor Kevin has to join the RROTC to see his boyfriend, there’s a new student named Evelyn and Cheryl is taking the throne as student body President. I have a feeling that this mystery is just getting started.