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Pokemon Center Online Opens!

For the last few years, the
only way to do online shopping
from the Pokemon
(from within Japan, of
course) has been
to pick from the select items listed on the Pokemon Center’s
official Amazon storefront

This system has
been pretty good —
Amazon style service, fast
shipping, the option to pay at
convenience stores. So imagine our surprise
this January, when posters started

popping up in Pokemon Center/Stores saying that a new online store

would be opening this

At 10am JST today
the store went live –
well… for the most bit. As could be
expected, there
was a lot of traffic, so this error/maintenance image was
not a happy sight.
There was
also a huge glitch in the system where credit cards were being
processed for
incomplete orders – meaning
every time it errored and you tried
again to place your order, there was a
chance your card was charged! The
seems to be fixed now and orders are processing normally.

Pokemon Center Online Opens!

The main draw is the limited edition Kanto-region
badge set. For about $170US,

this beautiful framed set includes the original 8 badges from the Pokemon

Red/Blue/Green series.
Preorders run through March and it’s the first online-
only item to be
offered. They’re to be delivered in

There is
also a campaign for every ¥5000
spent, you receive a
special file folder with Pokemon Center Online
exclusive art. There’s 3 to
(designs cannot be chosen) and there’s a limit to 10 per order. It
be noted that a lot of the more
expensive items, like the badge set
above, are exempt from this

Some sold out items,
such as the N Nendoroid figure
& 20th Anniversary 2DS
are also for sale on the new online shop. The Monthly Pikachu
series is also
being re-released especially for
the online market
in March, so if
you missed any the first time, you can
complete the set!

order, you’ll receive a postcard that has a special code to download
a Pikachu
in your game
(Japanese cartridges only).

As well,
every order
is shipped in a gorgeous Pikachu-themed box — with Pikachu
packing tape!
They’re also
offering the gift bag wrapping service (for a fee), which has
usually only
been available around Christmas

On the
whole, the new Pokemon Center Online
looks pretty good
(glitches aside). Like most Japanese online stores, they
accept credit card and
cash on
delivery (although items like the badge set say they only accept credit

card) and you can schedule your
delivery to when you’ll be home. They have a
lot more than the Amazon
storefront and there are lots of nice

It will be interesting to watch and see how they
handle new
released goods and
to see how fast they sell out. With the Amazon storefront, it
was customary
to list at 0:00 and sometimes
popular items would disappear
instantly. Maybe now that you can order from
home, some of the chaos of in-
release days will die down a little (on popular releases, it’s not
unusual to
see lines outside
the larger Pokemon Centers starting from 8am) — but we can

you’d like to check out the
store yourself, it’s

Unfortunately this
store is Japan-

If you’d like to get Pokemon goodies for yourself, there is an official
American counterpart
that does sell
quite a bit (note that all
here is remade for the American market, they do not sell the
Japanese products),
but they
only ship within the United States/APO addresses
. If
outside the US/Japan — or would
just like to get some Japanese-only
merch– you’ll have to use a shopping
service to order from the Pokemon
such as

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