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Find All 60 Pikachu in Sunshine City!

Published on February 11th, 2016 | Updated on February 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

To commemorate the one year
anniversary of the Pokemon Center
MegaTokyo’s new home in Ikebukuro (as well
as Mega Evolving into the new

“MegaTokyo” title), a special Pikachu scavenger hunt is being held in
City shopping center in
Ikebukuro, Tokyo starting from today!

Through March 13th, if you find all 60 Pikachu scattered
the shopping center and
bring your completed activity sheet to either the
Pokemon Center MegaTokyo
store (2F) or the special kiosk
(also on 2F), you can
receive free gifts!

For finding 10
Pikachu, you receive an
sticker — for 30 Pikachu, a special postcard —and if you find all 60,
get a special certificate of

Finding all 60 takes
about an hour and it definitely is a fun activity
to do. When you find a
Pikachu, they’ll have a special
number assigned to him.
Write down the 3-digit number on the special
activity sheet (available at most

information leaflet kiosks and at the Pokemon Center Megatokyo) and keep
until you find them

Be on your toes, however— sometimes you’ll
find one
of Pikachu’s friends instead
(which do not count for the tally)! But
never fear, a Pikachu is usually
hiding nearby.

There’s also a draw
you can enter on the back of the
activity sheet
where you can be entered to win a holiday or one of the sold-
out Pokemon Center-
2DS systems.

For more information, check out the official site here (Japanese

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