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‘Pokemon’ Bread Gets Scrap-y!

Published on February 10th, 2016 | Updated on February 10th, 2016 | By FanFest

Pokemon, in collaboration
with various snack food companies in
Japan, are gearing up to start their
annual ‘Pokemon Scrap’ event. This
being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, we’re seeing a theme of nodding back
to the
original 151 Pokemon,
as well as the upcoming Virtual Console releases of Red,
Blue, Green &

Today we’re taking
a look at the first snack
foods participate — the infamous Pokemon Bread
from Daiichi Pan.

In lieu of the collectable stickers usually included in these
products, the new
“Strawberry Milk Cream Bread” (Eevee package) &
“Tuna Bread”
(Legendary Bird Trio
) include a ‘Pokemon Scrap’
card — featuring a screenshot of a
game scene from the original
Red/Green games,
as well has how it looks in the current series of X &
Y. There are 50
designs to collect!

What is Pokemon Scrap? This promotion ties
the Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby &
Alpha Sapphire game series, as each
‘Pokemon Scrap’ card includes a special
code used to earn exclusive
& items for your game.


From March 1st, the codes on the
back of each
card can be
entered at the promotion’s website to participate in a “course”.
Each code
will move you along farther on the
board, unlocking in-game downloads
as you go.

Phase one of this
promotion is called the “A Course”,

accessible from March 1 – August 31st 2016, with the second part “B Course”

being available April 28th –
August 31st 2016.

A Course has been revealed
and the prizes are as

  • 1 code
    – Shiny
  • 4 codes – Articuno (with hidden power “Snow


  • 8 codes
    – 5 Rare Candies
  • 12 codes –
    Zapdos (with hidden power
  • 16 codes –
    Moltres (with
    hidden power “Flame Body”)
  • 20 codes – 1 Master



B Course has yet to be announced, but it
is most likely going
to be similar, with different
Pokemon prizes.

is just one of the few exciting promotions
starting to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th

anniversary. If you’re in Japan and would like to participate for yourself,

Pokemon Bread can be found in
the bakery section of most grocery stores for
around ¥100 a piece. Other
snack foods like popcorn, rice
seasoning (furikake),
and candies are also going to be participating later
this month and through


More information can be found at the official website.

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as seen on promo graphic