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Norman Reedus Knows Who Dies On ‘The Walking Dead’

More and more cast members of The Walking Dead are finally fessing up and admitting they do know who met the business end of Negan’s deadly accessory, Lucille.

Just last week, while on the red carpet at the Tony Awards, Danai Gurira teased that she knows who was killed before quickly adding, “Suddenly, I don’t know anything. Where am I?!”

Wednesday night, when Norman Reedus stopped by Conan, they discussed a multitude of topics.  For example, did you know that Daryl Dixon was originally supposed to ride a horse instead of a motorcycle?  What a weird world that would have been!

Norman Reedus Gif

Also, apparently, there are actual Norman Reedus impersonators or at least one Norman Reedus impersonator.  We’re not talking about Daryl Dixon cosplayers but, at least one actual guy who pretends to be Norman Reedus during the week and cosplays as Daryl Dixon on weekends.

But, of course, since Conan O’Brien is a huge fan of The Walking Dead, he had to ask Reedus about the cliff hanger finale.  Conan mentions that last season ended with an amazing cliff hanger but an important character is going to die and that different endings have been shot to keep the identity of the character a secret.  Reedus replies:

“They are going to great lengths not to spoil it…  It’s like one of those things, you ask for it, you’re going to get it.  And, you know, it might be rougher than you were expecting.  It’s hardcore.”

When Conan asks Reedus if he knows what’s going to happen, Reedus replies, nonchalantly, “I do…. and I’m just going to keep it like that.”

Norman Reedus Gif

Conan is clearly concerned about the future of the Norman Reedus impersonator should anything happen to Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and, now we are too!  Check out the clip below from Conan.

Do you think Daryl is safe from Negan and Lucille?


Source: Conan/TBS

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