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Norman Reedus Dishes On Daryl’s Fate

After last week’s
penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, we sure
do have a lot of unanswered
questions leading up to the
finale. I mean, A

WARNING, the following contains





Perhaps the most
shocking moment of last
Sunday’s episode comes at the very end when Savior
Dwight ambushes Rosita and

Daryl, who are trying to rescue the rest of our group. Dwight shoots Daryl
think though, we aren’t
totally sure), blood splatters across the screen (we
think it belongs to
Daryl. Please tell us it doesn’t
belong to Daryl…) and
Dwight can be heard saying “You’ll be alright”
(Dude, we think you JUST shot

Daryl!) as the scene cuts to black. Oh, SO many questions!


Luckily, Norman
Reedus spoke
with Entertainment Weekly about his character’s cliff
hanger fate going
into the
final episode of the season. (Good, this should make everyone feel


When asked about that
crazy episode ending, Reedus replied,
“Well, it’s exactly what you see.
I mean, that’s Daryl’s blood that
you see.
That’s exactly what happens, exactly what you see…”

that doesn’t
exactly give us
a warm and fuzzy feeling but, there’s still hope, right?
Dwight’s finale
line of the episode was
reassuring, somewhat, right? When
asked about Dwight’s final words of the
episode, “You’ll be alright”,
replied, “Yeah, but can you trust him? You know what I mean? Who
is that
guy? You don’t even
know who he’s saying that to, to be

Good point there,
Norman. Do we trust Dwight? No,
definitely do not trust him. We do not trust anyone that is not a part
of our

So, we
are left wondering, what actually will happen to Daryl?
What will happen to
Glenn, Michonne and Rosita?
And, what about Maggie? Where
is Carol? Did Morgan find her? Will Eugene
wear a ponytail or rock the

Kentucky waterfall? Will Abraham and Sasha make pancakes? Can Rick save
all of
our favorite characters?
What does this all mean for the upcoming finale? And,
most importantly, are we ready to meet
Negan in an introduction

which Andrew Lincoln is calling “the greatest entrance

You can watch the
opening scene of this Sunday’s
episode right here. What questions and

predictions do you have going
into the season 6 finale?

For Norman
Reedus’s full interview, check
out Entertainment Weekly. For answers to our grueling

questions, we will have to tune in to
AMC this Sunday at 9pm for what is sure to
be a gripping 90 minute finale we
won’t forget!

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