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Neve Campbell and ‘Scream’ Co-Stars Didn’t Expect the film to be so Big

It’s almost impossible to think of the horror-sphere without Scream. It’s a cult classic, it’s just cheesy enough in certain parts to be plausible, and it feeds on all things that make a good horror flick. Death, sex, partying, and a bunch of attractive young people who just can’t help breaking the rules.

In a recent interview, Neve Campbell sat down to chat about some of her biggest and most important roles in her career and one of them was obviously Sidney Prescott. However, at the time, none of them knew how big the movie would be.

Ironically enough, one of the things they wondered actually happened in a larger capacity than they ever expected.

None of us really thought it would be huge. We would literally sit together at night after long days, covered in blood, and we’d say, ‘Do you think that maybe there might be a Halloween costume?’ Twenty years later, I still see them.

We have to admit, we had one of those costumes for a year. Okay, so we still have the costume – it’s a classic.

It almost helps that the cast didn’t expect it to be as big as it was, they didn’t go into it with egos or with expectations. They were just making a film they enjoyed and hoped for the best. That’s what makes a film like that such a cult classic. It’s not made with a ton of expectations, it’s just made to be what it is.

Is Scream one of your favorite cult classics? Let us know.