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Fan Fest ’31 Days of Slashers’: 10 ‘Must Watch’ Slasher Films for this Hallo-Season!

Published on October 11th, 2017 | Updated on October 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

Happy October, my fellow geeklings! Now that October has finally stumbled upon us, we can officially begin our haunting season. For the month of October, we will be doing ’31 Days of Slashers’, which will feature facts, spotlights and even some interviews from some of our favorite iconic horror villains.

Are you ready for Halloween?! We sure are!

Today we will be covering 10 ‘Must Watch’ Slasher Films for this Hallo-Season!


10. Child’s Play

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With the new film The Cult of Chucky out, what better way to prepare for the new film other than watching this classic. It may be completely cheesy right now, but it is just something to cross off of your bucket list to say ‘hey, I saw that!’. Then again, it is pretty cool to learn about where Chucky really came from.

9. Trick R’ Treat

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You better follow the customs and traditions of Halloween, otherwise Sam is going to be coming for you! What I really love about this film is that it ties in several different stories, which is a really cool concept. It is definitely not your average Halloween movie.

8. Silent Night, Deadly Night

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You may survive Halloween, but can you survive Christmas? This ain’t your typical Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas type of a thing. I don’t want to give too much away, but trust me when I say you have got to check this one out!

7. Scream

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What’s your favorite scary movie?? This iconic line really stuck in the horror world, even all these years later. Although Ghostface may be one of the more ‘silly’ slashers, it is enjoyable. Plus, it stars Drew Berrymore (for a brief period of time, but still!)

6. Annabelle: Creation

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I mean, creepy dolls really make up all that is Halloween… right? If you have seen Annabelle, or even if you haven’t, you have got to see this orgin story. I don’t think I’ve ever hid so much during a creepy horror movie. Thanks Annabelle, I will never look at dolls the same ever again!

5. Jeepers Creepers 3

This movie was only in theaters for two nights, but I thought the concept was pretty cool. The events take place between the 1st and 2nd movie, which makes it a really interesting concept. Hopefully the TV release will occur before the month is over, it is a must watch!

4. Leatherface

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You know his name, but do you know his origin? I’m super stoked for this movie. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has haunted horror fans for years and years, and now we can finally get the story behind it all. As twisted as Leatherface himself is, I am really looking forward to checking out his origin story. What exactly makes a horror slasher become a slasher?

3. Nightmare on Elm Street

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While the remake is pretty cool, you’ve got to see the original. Robert Englund has haunted our dreams for years thanks to this movie. There are so many creepy things that go into this movie (I don’t care how old the special effects are, its still pretty creepy!), that it is probably one of the greatest classic horror films of all time.

2. Friday the 13th & Friday the 13th Part 2

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Yes, you should absolutely watch the first one in the series Friday the 13th, but you should also check out Part 2. Why is that? Because Jason isn’t the killer until Part 2. I love both movies, but I believe fans (both old and new) should get a chance to see Jason as the killer. Afte rall, he is one of the most well known classic horror icons. These would make for perfect films to watch this Friday! I mean, it is Friday the 13th in October!

1. Halloween (1978)

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You just can’t celebrate Halloween without Michael Myers. I mean, the movie IS titled Halloween. You’ve got to watch the original one though, as he is the one who started it all. Without John Carpenter, we wouldn’t have a lot of the horror films that we have today! Also, there will be a new movie coming out soon… and Jamie Lee Curtis is returning!


What are some of your favorite Slasher films?


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