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5 Life Lessons we learned from Horror Movies

Published on August 3rd, 2017 | Updated on August 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Have you ever found yourself, while watching a horror movie, thinking to yourself thoughts like ‘No! Don’t go in that house!’ or maybe even ‘Why would you go outside alone?’. Well if you don’t you may very well be watching the wrong kind of movie. Having found myself re-watching all of these classic horror movies, I find myself asking these questions more so than just sitting there and enjoying the movie. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself! I have to know why these people make these silly decisions!

I recently purchased a Blu-Ray called Crystal Lake Memories, which is a behind the scenes look and a history of the Friday the 13th films. In the movie, creator Sean Cunningham even states that he wanted to create a plot where the audiences would be asking the ‘why!?’ questions to certain things the characters did on screen. I would have to say, he did a pretty good job!

Here are some life lessons that we can learn from Horror Movies:

1.) Make sure your door is barricaded, not just locked

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 6 different kinds of locks on it. You better put a bookcase or something like that up against the door because if they really want ya, they aren’t going to waste time playing with a lock… they’re going to come through it.


2.) Never say ‘I’ll be Back’

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Unless you’ve got some Arnold style Terminator moves up your sleeves, these are three words you should never say. Why? Well, because typically the person who says these three fatal words… well… they don’t exactly come back.


3.) Never go ANYWHERE Alone

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I mean, I don’t really like going anywhere alone… especially if its at a cabin in the woods. So, you definitely won’t find me going anywhere alone whether its to the bathroom upstairs or in the woods…. at a cabin.

4.) Cut your Shrubs… So the Bad Guys can’t hide behind them

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Do you really need 8 bushes on your front lawn? Especially ones so close to the sidewalk? You are pretty much just ASKING for a horror villain to come and hang out on your lawn. Just do us all a favor, buy some flowers or something. You don’t need seven bushes on your lawn that are 10 feet high. Grow a garden or something, I’m pretty sure that will keep these villains AWAY if anything.


5.) Never assume the killer is dead

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The hero stabs the killer… the killer falls down… the hero hugs the girl. Just when they are about to walk away… the killer pops up! Seemingly alive! Just when you think it’s over, never assume that it is. Maybe the killer is just taking a mini nap. It’s like a video game right? They fall down and they can get back up. Just make sure that the killer is dead… don’t just assume it.


Be sure to keep these lip tips in mind! 🙂


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