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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA WWJD’

Jessica agreed to meet Kilgrave in order to get him to confess on tape. Hank, Kilgrave’s bodyguard, finds the recording device. He
gives her a tour.

Kilgrave restored Jessica’s home to the way it way before her parents and little brother died. Even down to her CD collection in her bedroom. Trish calls and says that Will disappeared. Kilgrave gives Jessica a dress with a note that says “to new beginnings.” She rips it up and lies down.

At dinner, Jessica begins chugging glass after glass of red wine. She blames Kilgrave for her drinking problem. He wants her to choose him, to give their relationship another go. Will had managed to get into the house without anyone, even Kilgrave, knowing and hides in Phillips room. He wants to get Jessica out of there, but she wants him to leave. She will handle it.

Will still doesn’t call Trish. But she eventually finds him and Will tells her that they need to let Jessica deal with this herself.

Jessica tells Kilgrave that there’s a bomb in the basement and she records their conversation using Will’s phone. She also manages to send a message to Hogarth about where she is. At breakfast, Jessica tries to turn a shit situation into a tolerable one. She tries recording Kilgrave again and asks if his actions ever haunted him. They are interrupted by Mrs. DeLuca, the neighbor who isn’t
shy about talking about Jessica’s family.

Upset, Jessica storms into the house and she accuses him of raping her. That line is sketchy in this case. Did her or didn’t he? Kilgrave seems to not know whether someone is doing something they want to or just because he is making them. He begins to defend his actions. He gives her a video to watch so she can decide who was more violated. It is of his childhood. He was tested on. Hooked up to machines, observed, violated. He realized that people listen to him, that he had a power. So he used it.

Jessica suggests they go for a ride. They go to the house of a man who is holding his own family hostage. She wants Kilgrave to do the “hero thing”. He agrees, works his magic, the family is saved and the man’s wife thanks him. He’s slightly taken aback by this. Jessica won’t let him kill the man so he makes him turn himself in to the police.

Back at the house, Kilgrave tells Jessica that he can’t be a hero without her. He genuinely thought that making that man blow his brains out was the right thing to do. Apparently no one taught him to be good. Jessica goes for a walk to Trish’s. She’s having a “what would Trish do” moment. They talk and Jessica returns with Chinese food. She invites the help to eat too. She laced the food with the anesthesia and manages to knock Kilgrave out.

Will wants to kill Kigrave in the worst way, so when Jessica brings Kilgrave outside, Will jumps at the chance. But Jessica jumps away foiling his plan. Mrs. DeLuca comes up to them with a package for Will. It’s a bomb! Mrs. DeLuca detonates it, blowing herself up, and ending the episode. The final shot is of Will on the ground.

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