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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA Sin Bin’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jessica has managed to get Kilgrave (Kevin) into the sealed room. The room is flooded with water that is a conductor to an open wire,
so if he pisses her off, she’ll electrocute him. Videos of his past are constantly playing. The videos prove that he wasn’t the only kid being tested on. So why did he want the video so bad?

Hogarth interrupts them, Hope is getting a plea bargain. She has a 48 hour window to accept. Jessica leaves Hogarth there with Kilgrave and goes to Det. Clemons, who doesn’t think Kilgrave is worth going after. She needs physical proof that a crime was committed.

After a nasty phone call with her ex, Kilgrave gets Hogarth’s attention. He can read lips and they begin to talk. He attempts to manipulate her even though he can’t use his powers.

Will is alive!! Trish is driving him to the hospital after the explosion. Once admitted, Will tells Trish where Jessica is keeping Kilgrave and the only way to get rid of him is for her to kill him. Dr. Kozlov finally arrives and kicks Trish out. He gives Will some pills and
he is instantly better. What is his deal?

Jessica returns to the sealed room and gets in it with Kilgrave. With Hogarth manning the electric button, Jessica attempts to get Kilgrave to confess. She’s not so good with words. Disgusted by Jessica’s tactics, Hogarth leaves. Trish electrocutes Jessica and Kilgrave to stop Jessica from killing him. They discuss leaving town and never coming back. They conclude that his parents might be able to get him to admit what he’s done.

“No one gets under a person’s skin like their parents.” – Jessica.

Hogarth tries to get Hope to take the plea bargain but she wants to talk to Jessica. She calls her and says she’ll take the deal. Jessica tells Hope that Kilgrave is her prisoner and Hope changes her mind about the plea bargain.

Jessica finds out that Kilgrave’s mother goes to the victim support group so she follows her to Kilgrave’s parents’ hideout. They say that they were only trying to save him from his genetic disease.

“We didn’t know what he’d become” –Kilgrave’s father.

They kept their distance all these years to stay alive, but Jessica thinks that that is what made Kilgrave the way he is- by lack of parenting. So she takes them to see Kilgrave.

Hogarth returns and tells Trish to go take a break. She decides to listen to what Kilgrave has to say. Jessica returns with Kilgrave’s parents. Kilgrave is speechless. Clemons arrives and Jessica handcuffs him so he can be a witness. The parents go inside and they wait for something to happen.

Kilgrave starts out by screaming at them asking why they left him. And the conversation turns south, for Jessica. Kilgrave’s mother
wants to stop him so she stabs him with scissors. He makes her stab herself for every years they left him. The electrocution button doesn’t work so the mother dies.

Jessica rushes to get the father out but Trish shoots through the glass releasing Kilgrave. He tells Trish to put a bullet through her head, luckily she was out, and for Det. Clemons to follow him.

Jessica tries to stop him and when he commands her to let go, she isn’t effected. Kilgrave ultimately escapes.

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