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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA Smile’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jessica takes Luke to the hospital, he’s not dead. The nurse tries to hook him up to an IV but the needle can’t break through his
skin. Neither can the doctor’s surgical tool. The police officers who Luke attacked are there and Jessica wants to keep Luke out of prison. With the help of a nurse Claire, Rosario Dawson, Jessica gets Luke out of that hospital wing. When they reach the reception area, there is a call for Jessica. Kilgrave is calling, surprise!

He admits that he wants her dead now. He is able to manipulate the entire hospital by using the television in every room. So he sends the entire hospital to kill her.

At Jessica’s apartment, Luke begins to seize and since his skin is unbreakable, Claire must get the fluid out through his eye. He stops seizing but won’t be ok until he wakes up. The nurse notices Jessica’s cut and insists on fixing it. They talk about Kilgrave and Claire says she has a friend with abilities like Jessica and Luke. While Jessica waits for his phone to charge, she goes to Luke and tells him that she’ll probably be dead by the time he wakes up, but that maybe Kilgrave will be too.

Meanwhile, Kilgrave, upset over the failure at the hospital, insists that his father gives him the entire vile of solution. Of course he obeys, and Kilgrave immediately feels intense agony. In the car,Trish is Jessica’s backup and to ensure that Trish doesn’t get called upstairs by a manipulated Jessica, they come up with a safe word, something Jessica will never say.

“Something I’ll never say, like I love you?”- Jessica

Jessica goes upstairs to find the bodies of one of Kilgrave’s current minions and his father. His father’s arms had been sawn off. The other minion had been ordered to remove the father from earth. Jessica knocks him out and locks him in a closet. Kilgrave’s father is still alive for a moment.

“He’s stronger. Don’t listen, don’t look at him, He’ll make you kill.” Albert’s dying words to Jessica.

Malcolm, who hasn’t left, sees Claire, the nurse at Jessica’s. They begin talking and Malcolm suggests that Claire takes a break. Jessica goes to the docks to meet Kilgrave. But it’s not Jessica, its Trish, with headphones to block out any manipulation attempts. Kilgrave sees Jessica and orders his police officer guards to shoot at her. All while he escapes…again. This guy loves to run away. They make it to the dock to see a lot of civilians guarding the boat.

Kilgrave orders the civilians to kill each other. Trish gets in the middle of it and loses her headphones while Jessica continues to
come after Kilgrave. Kilgrave orders them all to stop, and it seems like Jessica has obeyed him as well. He orders Trish over to him and says She’ll be his slave and he’ll be raping her every day. He orders that if she sees or hears from Jessica, she’ll slit her own throat. He then orders her to kiss him, and mean it. Seeing that Jessica hasn’t stopped him, he feels she is under his spell again and that they
will be together.

But when he tells her to say I love you, Jessica directs the statement to Trish and snaps Kilgrave’s neck. Thus breaking any active manipulation that Kilgrave placed. Luke wakes up to the news that Jessica killed Kilgrave. Apparently Luke has been let off since
Jessica was arrested. Luke asks for some water and when Claire leaves to get it, he leaves the apartment.

Hogarth defends Jessica by saying that Jessica was manipulated to kill Kilgrave due to all of the guilt he felt throughout the Hope case. The charges against Jessica are dropped. Jessica returns to her apartment to find everyone gone except Malcolm, who is cleaning up the kitchen. She sits at her desk to charge her phone and has 12 new messages of people who want her help.

The phone rings. Jessica ignores it, so Malcolm picks it up.

“Alias Investigations, how can we help?”- Malcolm

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