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Marc Guggenheim Teases Constantine’s ‘Legends’ Appearance; Episode Title Revealed

Marc Guggenheim Teases Constantine’s Legends Appearance; Episode Title Revealed

Earlier this week, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted the cover page for episode 10 of Legends of Tomorrow, and fans will instantly recognize the cigarette and tie of John Constantine. Not only do we now know when Constantine is set to make his two episode appearance, we also get the name of the episode, which hints at the return of another Arrowverse character.

That’s right, Constantine may finally get to meet Damien Darhk. And possibly his daughter as well, who will be played by Courtney Ford (and just so happens to be married to Brandon Routh).

The last time Constantine appeared in the Arrowverse, it was during season 4 of Arrow, which had Darhk as the main villain, but the two never interacted. He did, however, pick up on all of the magical energy surrounding Darhk and warned Oliver.

I’m curious as to how Constantine will join up with the Legends, but I believe that Sara is the key. He did restore her soul after all. I can’t wait for him to interact with the rest of the crew, and I think it’s going to be a great two episodes.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

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