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Guilt Will Drive Sara in Season 3 of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Guilt Will Drive Sara in Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow

When we last saw our Legends, they had crash-landed in a time of high rises and dinosaurs. Sara’s final line is “Guys. I think we broke time.” Needless to say, it comes as no surprise that the captain of the Waverider will feel a great deal of guilt for the Legends destroying the timeline.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Sara was learning and growing as captain in season 2, but now she is has fully embraced the position. There’s no longer a learning curve. He adds, “One of the things that hang over the whole year is the fact that she has some measure of responsibility for all the anachronisms that they are dealing with.”

This really shouldn’t come as any surprise because Sara has always been driven to correct her mistakes. Sometimes, she takes drastic measures, like poisoning herself so Nyssa would leave her family alone in the second season of Arrow. But now that she’s in this leadership position, she knows that her actions led them to this point and will own up to that.

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow kicks off Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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