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‘Lucifer’ Recap: ‘Really Sad Devil Guy’ Season 5 Episode 1

Lucifer is a show that’s had an incredibly interesting history. The show originally lasted for three seasons, before being cancelled despite its cliffhangers. Fans got together and fought for the show to be saved, only for Netflix to grant their wish. The show received a fourth season on Netflix, season five was announced as it’s last one but was then renewed for a surprise sixth season!

During this time Lucifer even had a surprise cameo during Crisis On Infinite Earths, the Arrowverse crossover event for 2019-2020.

Season four saw Lucifer return to hell to resume his role as the devil. He was forced to leave the detective, his brother and all of his friends behind.

Season five picks up two months later, with Lucifer’s disappearance having been explained by him going to Florida to help his family’s business. Maze has taken over Lucifer’s role of helping the police, and Decker has yet to fully process Lucifer’s return to hell. Amenadiel has taken over Lux for his brother, and Lucifer himself is settling back into his previous role (ironically explaining how Hell works to the same murder victim Maze and Decker are investigating).

'Lucifer' Recap: 'Really Sad Devil Guy' Season 5 Episode 1
CR: Netflix

Amenadiel is “undercover” in Lux, which he’s taken over from Lucifer, Linda is busy taking care of their son and Ella is resentful to Lucifer’s departure. The episode wastes no time in putting all the pieces together, catching us up with where everyone is at since Lucy returned to hell.

The devil’s nostalgia pushes him to help solve his victim’s murder, which sets up the detective and Lucifer trying to solve the same crime in two very different ways. Though it’s only been two months on Earth, many, many, many years have passed in Hell. We get a really great dive into Lucifer’s emotional state, as he grows increasingly frustrated with being unable to solve the murder.

As Maze and Decker investigate on Earth, a runner is killed resulting in Lucifer sending a mysterious message to Chloe through the deceased’s corpse. This sends them to a storage locker, where they find the victims sister. After a misplaced kiss by Maze, Chloe realizes she was using this new partnership to fill the void left by Lucifer.

It’s actually a time of realizations, as the very same victim accuses Lucifer of making the same mistakes he did. Then the show pulls some clever tricks to make us think Lucifer goes back to Earth. He bursts in to save Decker, and they share a kiss only for the show to reveal Lucifer is still in hell, bound by duty.

I guess I should mention Dan and how he’s on a self-help journey, and how Amenadiel mistook a kid trying to sell his parents drugs for a big time drug dealer. These plot points aren’t boring, per se and they work really well in catching us up. The problem is most people will be focused on Lucifer.

Lucifer s05e01 2
CR: Netflix

Oh. Also, Ella is sleeping with a criminal for some reason.

All-in-all this is a really effective opening episode. I just can’t help but feel as though the big reveal would have been better had the trailer not spoiled it for us weeks ago. It definitely left me excited to see where we go from here, though.

This is classic Lucifer, with the great writing, characterization and interesting plot… we’re in for a wild ride, for sure. Hopefully the rest of this half of the season keeps up the momentum.

Also, big shout-out to the version of Happy Together that plays in the episodes final moments. That was a spectacular scene, showing the contrast between everyone being with their loved ones (except Maze who has a rage fit), and Lucifer, who is truly alone again.

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