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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil Recap

Published on June 18th, 2016 | Updated on June 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Lucifer summer watch continues!

This week’s episode saw Lucifer’s attempt to learn more about Chloe, a case involving the paparazzi, and another ominous warning from Amenadiel.

Chloe’s got questions and though Lucifer willingly gives answers, she still doesn’t fully believe it, despite what she sees him try to do to their suspect, a paparazzo who was found at the scene of a tragic accident that killed the son of a movie star. Her disbelief leads Lucifer to do some digging into why Chloe seems to be the only one not affected by his abilities.

As a result of Lucifer’s deep dive into Chloe’s past, which included a trip to see Mick the paparazzi who confessed to the murder of a movie star’s young son, we got to learn more about her past and what made her hate Mick (besides being a paparazzi to begin with, of course). He confesses that he crashed Chloe’s father’s funeral and when Lucifer goes to her home we also learn that she was not the only family member working in Hollywood. Though that bit of information doesn’t really answer his questions, he does seem to appreciate learning more about her.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Mazikeen still think there’s a little too much humanity in their brother and friend, respectively. Lucifer’s brother makes him an ominous offer to return to hell. Though the warning and the offer sound like trouble, by the end of the hour, we’re still not sure what (or who) is the source of the trouble. “Team Hell” continues to try to get him to come to terms with what they think is his true nature, but in the final act of the episode, Lucifer confronts them and finally answers their needling questions of whether he’s changed. He accepts that he’s changed, likes the change, and is embracing it. Of course, this is the last thing Amenadiel wants to hear and leaves him simply with that ominous warning. What kind of trouble could possibly be heading the former ruler of hell’s way?

All the while, Trixie continues to be amusingly adorable especially when she encounters Lucifer, who continues to not be fond of tiny humans. Seeing her reaction to her mother trying to explain her Hot Tub High School past was adorable as she broke the news to her mom that she’s known about the movie for a bit. How did she find out? The internet, of course.

Though Chloe’s spent the majority of the hour wondering, she sees firsthand just what he’s capable of as she tries to intervene between Mick and Josh’s (Mick’s protégé) standoff that Lucifer started. Chloe is at a loss as to how the shot Mick fired never got to Josh and how Lucifer ended up right behind her. In the final scenes of the episode, Chloe tries to have a conversation with the man who shot her in the pilot but the moment she mentions Lucifer’s name, he freaks out. How will she process his reaction to the Lucifer mention? Is she close to accepting the fact that what she thought were just bizarre answers to throw her off was actually the truth?

What I Enjoyed: Lucifer at the piano at the start of the episode and those moments where we see that kind of teasing relationship develop between Chloe and Lucifer. Again, still reminds of early Castle and the relationship they had.

Onto episode three!

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