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‘Lucifer’ Recap: “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” I Season 5 Episode 2

Published on August 21st, 2020 | Updated on August 21st, 2020 | By FanFest

This is Season 5 Episode 2. Looking for Episode 1? Click here!

The Lucifer impostor wastes no time!

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Impositfer takes over Lucifer’s life right away, immediately embarking on a case with Decker. The devil has no time to rest, he has murderers to catch! It’s interesting to see how the show will handle this fake Lucifer taking over the real one’s life. One of the best parts of this whole episode is how Decker calls him out on lying right away. Because Lucifer doesn’t lie, never has.

The characters seem to keep attributing it to it having been centuries for Lucifer, despite his obvious out of character actions. There’s a very fun scene early on where Chloe tries to coax him into doing all these Lucifereque things, but the fake doesn’t bite. He doesn’t ask about people’s desires during the investigation. He refuses to drink because it’s too early. He doesn’t react to any dirty puns. This is simply not the Lucifer of old.

The episode is really on the nose too. The victim was part of an experiment for people to live on Mars. The situation of these people parallel’s Lucifer’s well. They’ve been alone, isolated, away from their families for so long. It works well to mirror how the real Lucifer would be feeling if it were really him on Earth.

Not all the reunions are happy. Dan is, predictably unhappy that Lucifer is back. Maze reacts… violently. She’s the first to discover that this Lucifer is actually Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother. We finally get to delve into the impostor’s psychology, hear what’s making him tick. It seems he’s only there to prove a point. To prove that Lucifer hasn’t changed, hasn’t grown. He’s trying to coax Lucifer back to Earth.

It’s also super disconcerting to see Lucifer suddenly speak with an American accent.

That’s when things start going to hell (excuse the pun). We get a super exciting car chase, we get Michael saving Chloe with his wings. Then we get Chloe walking in on Michael making out with Maze. The following scene shows how far Michael is willing to go for his deceit. That evil little smirk as the elevator doors close, all while Chloe leaves upset, is chilling. Are we sure Michael isn’t the real evil one?

By the time we see Michael use Lucifer’s “mojo” I’m surprised Decker hadn’t put it all together. Asking what someone fears as opposed to what they desire is a pretty huge tell. Decker is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Michael seems incredibly shocked that Decker’s willing to forgive Lucifer. It’s making me wonder if he’s not going to fall for Chloe too. That could lead to some serious issues later.

Amenadiel is shocked to hear that Lucifer is lying now when Linda tells him. It’s a short scene but it is effective, slowly planting doubts in everyone’s minds.

Chloe’s reaction is a little more shocking since her solution is to sleep with Lucifer. The entire sequence of her trying to seduce Michael is nothing short of hilarious, promising to go to his place when they wrap the case up. It was at this point I was growing even more suspicious. Michael definitely seemed to be falling for Chloe.

Michael is almost scarier than Lucifer in some ways. The way he uses his little fear power on Linda is terrifying, and his admission that he might want Lucifer to stay in hell, after all, can only spell disaster.

CR: Netflix

It’s the end of the episode that’s really shocking. Michael’s decision to take Lucifer’s life, followed by his choking Maze out right before Decker arrives. For an angel, Michael sure isn’t a very stand up guy. Michael is about to have his wish, and thank God, Chloe is proven to not be dumb at all.

Chloe knew all along, deep down, and catching him with Maze was the confirmation she needed. She riddles Michael with bullets, and he tells Chloe how she was put on Earth for Lucifer.

So after all that, we’re left with everyone figuring out who Michael is. He leaves after threatening Amenadiel. His power seems to be fear and, honestly, he seems way more dangerous than Lucifer. He also has an inferiority complex when it comes to his twin brother. It’s obvious as the episode closes that this is far from over.

I had my worries as I went through this one. I really thought they were going to drag this out, which would have been a disservice to all the characters.

Also, I guess Linda’s hiding that she had another baby earlier in her life?

But nothing will beat that ending. It’s time for Lucifer to come back, and Amenadiel is going to get him.

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