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Live Action ‘Destiny 2’ Trailer Asks You To Do It For… The Puppies!

We have just under a week until Destiny 2 comes out and Bungie isn’t finished with the epic trailers yet. Whereas Destiny began as a disappointment in storytelling, it eventually found its grove with content and humor and that has been on full display with the news of Destiny 2. From vastly improved storytelling to the inclusion of actual humor, this is what we’ve been waiting for and saw Day 1 with the announcement trailer.And now with the final trailer revealed, it’s only fitting that we again find ourselves with the game’s funniest character, Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion), as he tells us precisely why we should fight!

Destiny 2 directly follows the story of Destiny as the last safe city on Earth has not only been destroyed but the Traveler – a cosmic entity that gifted humanity with enhanced knowledge and abilities – has been captured by the Cabal Red Legion. With their powers now stripped, Guardians must fight back against insurmountable odds, find new ways to regain their Light (powers) and make new allies in order to take back their home and get revenge for losing everything…. EVEN PUPPIES!!!!

Though we’re already excited for the game. What really caught our eye was this being an entire Live Action trailer. This was done by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island as well as the man about to bring us a Metal Gear movie. This live action short was extremely well done in terms of translating the Destiny characters and action to film; and if this is a small taste of what he’s capable of in terms of directing video game movies, then I can’t wait to see his Metal Gear film. Video Game movies might not have the best track record – okay, they have the worst – but this might soon change. At least one can hope right?

Destiny 2 hits all consoles September 6, but PC players will have to wait for October. So whether you pick it up next week or next month, get back out there Guardian! The puppies need avenging!