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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Pirates, Pirates, Pirates’

Nas invited Harris and Brian to her home and she is flying to DC to secure Brian’s safety in the FBI. No one wants Brian to be locked in a cell to be experimented on. If Nas texts the word “pomegranate” then he is to stay at Nas’s and he will be safe.

Nas wants the memo that allowed the CIA to take Brian on the Black Ops mission. If it is not surrendered, then she will resign. She managed to get DC to investigate.

Back at headquarters, Nas is being taken away in hand cuffs. Grady Johnson is taking her spot while
she is away. He is also cutting off Brian’s NZT supply. Brian takes his phone.

Brian is going to stays at Nas’s because she mouthed pomegranate to him. She is under suspect for treason. Harris is sure Nas is being framed.

Johnson wants Boyle to write up a file on all things Brian Finch.

Ava, Nas’s daughter, is also at the safe house and says her mother did everything she is being accused of, but for a good reason. Her cousin is being held captive by Indonesian pirates and that is why she gave Felix Durmaz $3 million, to ensure her safe return.

Harris gives Boyle Brian’s “medical history” in hopes that Johnson will take it to DC, whoever is
interested in it probably authorized Brian’s Black Ops mission.

Ava tells Brian that she was supposed to go on the trip with her cousin, but her mother told her
it was too dangerous. They bond over being screw ups and Felix calls. He says that the pirates were pirated and Mitra was taken.

Harris brings information on pirates to the safe house and Brian tells her about the pirate- ception. He also reveals his stash of NZT.

Brian, channeling his inner Liam Neeson, uses his special set of skills to learn many Asian languages in hopes to get a signal from a ship.

Brian gets a signal but it’s a child who mans a pirate watch Twitter account and wants the FBI to Tweet at him.

Pradeep then tells Brian about Mitra and the ship and pirates. Boyle gives Johnson the medical
file and tells him that Harris and Brian falsified it, so he gives Johnson the thumb drive with the
“official” history. Boyle also requests to go to DC with Johnson and says that he wants to take Nas’s
position. Johnson agrees.

After finding out that one of the ringleaders is currently leading an opium ring in New York, Brian stands on a street corner with a board saying he knows about a nark in the ring and waits for someone to come to him. Brian and Harris play a game of screw marry-kill to kill some time, when a scary guy with face tattoos comes up to them.

At DC, Boyle and Johnson meet with executive assistant director, Kenneth Paulson. They hand over the medical history. The medical history is fake, and Boyle’s friend Loretta smuggles him the document authorizing Brian’s kidnapping in a pan of brownies.

Brian is captured and asks for Mitra to be released. When he is about to die, Brian says he’ll find him the rarest pinball machine ever made: the Schoolgirl Reaper. Brian, being Brian, manages to
track down the guy who currently owns it and convinces him to give it up. The ringleader gets Mitra on a plane home ASAP.

Brian calls in a favor to Senator Morra involving the memo, and Morra brings the issue to the media which frees Nas and gets Paulson to resign.

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