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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Badge! Gun!’

Published on September 29th, 2015 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

The FBI isn’t like how Brian Finch expected it to be. For a while, all he did was sit around while they
study him to try to figure out why he is immune to NZT. Of course he knows why, but that’s his little

On his first official day, Brian is assigned is to learn Farsi while agents Boyle and Harris investigate a car crash. He is really bummed out. He wants to be out there in the field catching bad guys.

After a while he gets bored and decides to look up Steven Fischer, the guy who died in the crash. Brian figures out that Fischer’s death was a homicide and calls Harris. She already knows everything he has to say and they are currently looking for the bomb. Brian, leaves the boring file room to go find items to make replica bombs.

He brings his models to the crime scene and gets in trouble. While Brian is getting yelled at, Boyle uses his models to find out what kind of bomb killed Fischer, and led them to a suspect, Taurus.

By reading lips, Brian finds out they are looking for Taurus. He found him and believes his real name is Darren Cullen and that he owns an auto warehouse.

Harris and Boyle go to visit Cullen. Not finding parts for a Porsche, Harris open up the trunk. Inside, she finds bomb parts and cash.

They take Cullen into custody and ask who hired him. He says that he planted everything in the
car, but that’s not what didn’t kill

Fischer. The chip was never detonated. It went off by mistake. So how did Fischer die?

Brian flees the headquarters, again, risking getting himself fired. He needs to find out how you can suddenly die from a stroke. He goes to Harris’s apartment and tells her that there were two other young men who died suddenly by a stroke. They caught the flu and died. He traced all three guys to
be ancestors of Genghis khan.

Brian then concludes that someone created a flu virus and gave it to Fischer, knowing he would
have a stroke and die.

Brian goes to work the next morning expecting to be fired. But Harris finds footage of a man spraying Fischer’s coffee cup with the virus. But the virus wasn’t for Fischer, so who is the real target? Who is that woman? The khan marker doesn’t affect women so could this be an assassin job?

Needless to say, Brian did not get fired.

Harris requests for Brian to work with her. He suggests that they look at surveillance cameras to
try to figure out who this woman is. Footage shows her with an older man, General Ram Ananda. They go in to question him and find him having a stroke on the floor.

Brian and Harris then go to visit Miles Amos about the virus and provide a picture of him spraying the virus on the coffee mugs.

Brian uses his temp experience to rally the desk workers, who hate working for Miles to submit anonymously some files. He immediately receives emails containing the files that will send Miles to jail.

Brian visits his father and the nurse who is taking care of him is the same one who works for Morra.

Brian finally got his badge now where is his gun?

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