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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘The Legend of Marcos Ramos’

Published on October 6th, 2015 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Brian can’t get that nurse out of his head. His father’s nurse is the same nurse that gave him the NZT
shot. She says that she’s just a nurse and if she is around his father, she’ll be able to give him his shot easier.

Shauna, the one that got away, shows up at the subway. They talk, catch up and set up a dinner date, so far it’s a great day. Until he gets to work.

Ray Dixon, a retired FBI agent had been shot in the head at Bronx Park. Dixon was searching for a new CEO for IDK Technologies when he got a computer virus that wiped out everything.

Brian is tasked with looking through paper files, Dixon was a dedicated shredder. He finds that Dixon had files on everyone up for the position and one of the files that stands out is that of a Jeffrey Vachs.

Vachs is brought in for questioning and lets it slip that black onyx is a summer intern, Brian thinks its Sarah Braden. They had a son together and the money Vachs gives to Sarah is to take care of their son.

Mike and Ike remind Brian that the NZT pill only lasts for 12 hours and if he’s meeting Shauna at 9, how will she like him if he’s not on NZT? Shauna is having a great time but notices that Brian is not himself, well the self she met earlier while he was on NZT.

Brian and Harris visit Dixon’s storage unit and finds evidence concerning a Marcos Ramos. So
Dixon wasn’t killed because of his current work, he was killed for something he’s been working on for a while.

Ramos was a drug dealer who disappeared about 6 months ago. Dixon was close to finding Ramos.
That’s what got him killed and La Sabre is the hitman who killed him.

Brian shows Harris his findings and asks her about relationship advice. She tells him that whether or not he is on the pill, he is the same Brian, just enhanced. That’s cute how they have reached the
relationship advice level if friendship.

The next day they look through Dixon’s old files. Brian comes across a photo with a really tall man,
Johan Makinin, in it. Brian believes that just because La Sabre is a Latino nickname, that doesn’t mean the man is Latino.

Makinin couldn’t have shot Dixon, he lost his shooting hand 2 years ago. Why is Ramos trying to make it look like Makinin is still active? They interrogate him and he reveals that Ramos is planning on betraying the cartel requests to be tried in the US.

Upset that Shauna might leave New York, Brian goes to meet Shauna and tells her that her building is going to be saved as a historic landmark keeping her in the city. They talk and talk and Brian
doesn’t notice that the NZT wore off.

Harris brings Brian to the place where Ramos disappeared, its two blocks away from where
Dixon died. They find Ramos’s body in a warehouse nearby. Meanwhile Boyle tells the director that the NYPD taskforce was working with Ramos.

The taskforce knew that Ramos was dead but led everyone to believe he was still alive. Brian believes that they are fleeing the country by flying under another aircraft.

A man named Mr. Sands confronts Brian at a bar and tells him that Brian now works for him.
Mr. Sands tells Brian that he is in control of Brian’s life and that he can hurt anyone Brian holds close. This forces Brian to break up with Shauna.

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