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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Headquarters!’

Published on November 17th, 2015 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Bored with data sifting, Brian wants more cool, fun stuff to do and a headquarters! to do them in. Nas offers to discuss getting him an office, but he wants a headquarters! He wagers that if he can catch all 10 criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted list in two weeks, she should give him what he wants. After all, he’s already caught number 4 so this shouldn’t be that hard. Nas accepts.

He names this group of helpers the Brian Finch and Rebecca Harris Amazing Major Crime Squad or the Bruntouchables. When his motivational movie doesn’t work, Brian tries to fire them up by stating that no one has wiped the top ten list clean before. They should be the first.

Each member of the Bruntouchables is given a task: to Iowa, Costa Rica, Greenland, etc…

Before they go to Tanzania to go after Gerald Landry, Harris and Brian go visit the mistress of number 12. Troy Abate is number 9 he is related to 12. They hope to use the mistress, Jenny, to help get rid of number 9.

Brian’s family comes to visit and they are very impressed. Brian’s father seems a bit off.

Jenny gave Harris an address and Troy Abate was found and arrested. That means 2 down, 8 to go.

Brian makes friends with Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Beiber and Bill Gates to get their help as well as the help of all of their twitter followers. The only issue, Lawrence Drake saw the posts and fled.

Mike is loving his assignment while Ike can’t feel his fingers. Boyle and Rooks are plateauing and Brian has found a nemesis.

Brian plans to pick up Drake’s scent by actually sniffing his t- shirt. Using Synesthesia, Brians sees Drake’s scent as green.

Following the green scent, Brian soon learns that synesthesia is an awful investigative technique. Harris finds the hotel that Drake is staying at.

As Harris goes to help Boyle and Rooks, Brian breaks into Drake’s hotel room. Brian finds that Drake has been trying to find the man who killed his wife. Drake comes back and Brian suggests that they work together to prove him innocent.

The trio finds Clemens and he is arrested. 3 down! Brian tells Harris that Drake is innocent and he needs time to help him. Rachel
comes to visit him and she wants some weed, she also wants to watch Game of Thrones using his surround sound. Brian asks Rachel why his
dad is acting weird.

Updating the cases, Harris asks about Drake. Brian assures her that Drake won’t run. He begins to think that it was a business partner. He even points out that why would a guilty man have boxes and boxes of records and has spent years trying to find his wife’s killer.

Brian suggests giving Drake NZT to recall that night nine years ago.

“I guess I’ll take my chances.” – Drake.

He takes it and oh mercy! He tells them that he saw his wife’s body then the murderer. The neighbors knocked and the killer ran. He felt the killer’s face and made a clay model of it: Philip Brubaker.

Harris and Brian go see him and want him to confess. He refuses until Brian starts talking about bagels. He will confess in exchange for a dozen bagels a week. Drake goes free and could possibly give the whereabouts of Lonnie Hyde.

Ike got Gorden Cooke.

Rooks and Boyle got Ray Allen Clemens.

James got Susanna Travis.

Harris and Brian got Perry Granger, Troy Abate, Gerald Landry, Lawrence Drake and are about to get Lonnie Hyde.

That’s 7/10!

And Stavros made t- shirts.

Nas calls off the hunt due to the high interest in the case and agrees to accommodate Brian’s headquarters!

Brian’s dad comes to visit and admits to avoiding him. He feels Brian is keeping secrets. He brought some things that Brian gave him over the years. Brian’s dad wants to know the truth and feels that he isn’t his son. Not wanting to lose the relationship with his father,
Brian tells him everything.

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