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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Pilot’

Brian Finch is running through the New York Subway, away from the FBI.

Let’s back up a little: Brian was a delinquent growing up and never really found a path to follow. When his father got sick, he was working as a temp. He offers to move back home to help them out.

When he started a new temp job at the bank, his old bandmate, Eli, meets up with him and takes him to lunch. After hearing about Brian’s troubles, Eli offers him a jumpstart. A pill that took a two week job and turned it into a two hour job. The pill allowed him to remember every memory he ever had and to be able to focus on little details. He was even able to find out what is wrong with
his dad: Hemochromatosis. But the disease is concentrated in his dad’s liver. He needed to find another pill.

So he goes to visit Eli but sees him dead on the ground. Before calling 911, he finds a hidden stash of pills. Hearing the cops enter the apartment, Brian runs. Which brings us to the subway.

Brian escapes the police by jumping onto the track and using a hidden unused track on the L- line.
Back at the station, the director tells the agents about the NZT pill.

That is why Brian was able to escape. Brian finds out that there are two others at the bank who
are using NZT, Jay Winston and Adam Honeycutt. He goes to Jay Winston’s first, only to find him dead too. He then goes to agent Rebecca Harris’s apartment. He grabs her gun before she can and tells her that he is innocent and together they will find out who killed Eli and Jay.

Rebecca seems to believe Brian and asks agent Spellman Boyle for help. Brian goes to Adam’s apartment to try to find out who killed Eli and Jay. Brian finds a stash of cash and a money clip with the initials E.W. in a house plant. Adam comes back out and shoot at Brian and gets him in the leg.

Brian makes it outside and gets Adam’s confession. Adam begins threatening Brian. Brian then
calls Rebecca and tells her that Adam is the killer and that he got shot. Rebecca talks him through fixing his leg up. Brian faints from all of the pain. When he wakes up, he is a the hospital getting properly stitched up and then Bradley Cooper, I mean Senator Eddie Morra, comes walking in.

Senator Morra offers him an NZT pill and a chance to prove that he is innocent. Morra tells him that he takes NZT every day without any side effects. That he doesn’t remember feeling human. He wants Brian to work for him, but he can’t tell anyone. Brian agrees.

Brian then goes to a bank and “robs” it. He actually just waiting for Rebecca to come so they can look inside Adam’s lockbox. There they find a NZT pill with Eli’s blood on it, thus pinning Adam as
the murder. Rebecca and the director agree to keep Brian on the FBI to utilize him and study him. He’ll only do it if they find a new liver for his dad. And that’s how Brian Finch came to work for the FBI.

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