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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘How Does She Do It?’

Supergirl Recap ‘How Does She Do It?

This week, we find Kara trying to manage work, the DEO, her relationships, and being a superhero. Kara volunteers to watch Cat’s son, Carter, and really Winn is the one who looks out for him because there is someone planting bombs all over the city.

From the episode, we learn that Maxwell Lord is not a good guy. He and Alex have some weird chemistry and I’m afraid that they may get together, which would prove very bad for Kara due to the reveal at the end. The bombs were all because of him. Lord provided healthcare for the ailing daughter of an ex-employee in exchange for him to be the mass bomber. The reason for all of this was to test Supergirl, and it seems his ultimate goal is to figure out who she really is. The fact that he is willing to go to those lengths just to get at Supergirl is not good. We still don’t know his final endgame, just that he wants to get at the girl under the cape.

Love is in the air for several couples. I already mentioned Alex and Maxwell, but there’s also the love square that is Kara-James-Winn-Lucy. We learn what actually happened between James and Lucy, and, unfortunately for Kara, by the end of the episode, they are back together. Winn is probably going to continue being in the “friend zone” as Kara is pretty oblivious to his advances. He does for her what she does for James. And it is frustrating (Team Kwinn!).

We also get to see more of Henshaw’s abilities. It seems as though he has some sort of x-ray vision as well as super strength. As I wrote about a couple of episodes ago, in the comics Henshaw is a cyborg and eventually goes by the name Cyborg Superman. We have the strength and vision, so maybe he is on the path to becoming a cyborg version of the Man of Steel. After Kara gets taken down by the bomb, she wakes up just enough to see glowy-eyes Henshaw looking at a vial of something. We don’t know what exactly he was examining and if he was acting in Kara’s best interests or not.

There is a lot that has been packed into the first five episodes of the season and I’m a little worried. It almost seems like the show is biting off more than it can chew, which is ironic because that’s what this episode was all about. We have the potential for two more big bads when we’re under the impression that Astra is the main arc villain (but she has been absent since the second episode). With the uprising of Lord, there would be some sort of alliance with Astra. I can see that as being a possibility. The only thing is I don’t quite know how Henshaw is going to fit in, but we still aren’t 100% sure on if he’s acting as a cyborg for good or evil. I have faith in the creators and that they can make all of this work, but with the way things are going now, I’m a little worried.

The next episode is entitled “Red Face” and it will bring Red Tornado into the mix.

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