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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Blood Bonds’

Published on January 4th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Blood Bonds’

Supergirl returned from the winter break right in the middle of the fight between Kara and Non. They are interrupted and then Hank gets in the way. Non grabs Hank and flees the scene.

With the disappearance of the director of the DEO, Alex fills in, but General Lane swoops in to take control (I still do not like him). He feels the need to inject Astra with Kryptonite in order to get her to reveal where she and Non have been hiding out. She, naturally, leads them into a trap. Kara and Alex then go over Lane’s head and arrange an exchange with Non, Astra for Hank. Again, it was a trap, but Astra calls off Non’s goons, saying that this isn’t a truce.

This episode felt more like a mid-season finale than the previous one because it provided a bunch of resolutions. I guess I partially get my wish because there is a week break before the next episode. A lot was revealed this episode that will have a huge impact moving forward. First, Maxwell Lord is a bad man. We kind of already knew that, but now it is official. He captures James and beats him up as a warning to stay away. The last scene of the episode sees Maxwell in a lab doing an experiment on a “Jane Doe” (she is a nobody and won’t be missed). Her eyes open and they are completely black. Not good.

Second, Astra is back with her husband and it seems like he is the one who is pulling the strings, not Astra. She and Kara have a conversation where the truth of Astra’s sentence to Fort Rozz is revealed. Astra’s heart was in the right place, trying to save Kara and Krypton, but she is an extremist and went about it in the wrong way. I think Non is a manipulator and created the Astra we see today.

Third, Hank reveals his true identity to Kara, not that he wanted to. Way to go Alex for just blabbing for him to transform. Kara does have super hearing. I am glad that she knows and am excited for them to team up in the coming episodes. This also means more Martian Manhunter awesomeness.

The last thing is Cat Grant. The episode finds her trying to get Kara to tell the truth that she is Supergirl, which Kara refuses to do. It even goes so far that Kara quits. In the end, Hank intervenes and appears as Supergirl to Cat, and then Kara conveniently walks in. So for now her secret is safe. I do wish that Kara would just come clean, but oh well. Maybe later.

The next episode airs January 18 and is entitled “Childish Things.”

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