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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Human for a Day’

Published on December 7th, 2015 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Human for a Day’

Supergirl took a step in the right direction in this episode. The last ten minutes were really great and raised the stakes.

Following a couple of days after the fight with Red Tornado, Kara has exhausted her powers. In a nod to the New ’52 reboot of Superman, they talk about how this sometimes happens to the Man of Steel and Kara just needs to give it some time. Unfortunately, it’s been three days and Superman’s powers usually return within 24 hours. Also unfortunately, an earthquake strikes National City. Kara still tries to be a hero, despite being ordinary, and fails at first. She then decides to try again and goes up against a gunman trying to rob a store. This was a well-done sequence that cut between Supergirl talking down the gunman and Cat telling all of National City to be brave in the absence of Supergirl.

Alex is in the DEO headquarters when the earthquake hits and there is a power failure that allows the psychic alien Jemm to escape. Since learning of Henshaw’s involvement in her father’s death, she has been hesitant around her superior. This comes to a head when he refuses to let her join the efforts to recapture Jemm. Alex goes anyway and sets a trap, but nothing she
does phases the alien. Henshaw shows up, saves her, and kills Jemm.

Winn walks in on Kara and James having a moment (it was just a hug) and snaps. He says that he is disappointed in her because James has a girlfriend and it finally gets through to Kara that Winn has feelings for her. She invites him to hang out later to try and make up it up to him. I wonder if they are going to set all of this up for them to get together, but then he is going to die. Right now, Winn doesn’t really serve much of a purpose besides being a part of Team Supergirl. I like him and I wish that they would give him more and do the character justice.

The two best moments came at the end of the episode and really changed the tide. First, Astra returns, and it looks like she has been taking the time to build an army. The final scene is of Kara, who just got her powers back, being knocked out of the sky by two of her evil aunt’s goons. Then, Astra drops in and tells Kara that things are far from over. I’m so glad that they have finally brought her back. We haven’t seen nor heard from her since episode 2 (this was episode 7), and I was getting a little worried and frustrated since she’s supposed to be the main season villain (at least they made her seem that way). But she’s back, and it looks like the next episode is going to be crazy intense as they battle it out.

The second moment is when we learn the truth about Hank Henshaw. And I totally didn’t see it coming. Henshaw is none other than J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter. Jeremiah Danvers and the real Henshaw were hunting J’onn, who was a friend of Jeremiah’s. Henshaw was going to kill J’onn, despite Jeremiah’s insistence that he is a friend, and the two fought. Jeremiah killed Henshaw and then died (I guess they killed each other). As Jeremiah died, J’onn promised to protect Kara since Jeremiah saved his life. He then took Henshaw’s identity and returned.

The introduction of Martian Manhunter could mean two things. First, it leaves the door open on the real Henshaw returning as Cyborg Superman, who he becomes in the comics. Henshaw died, but it is still possible for him to return as an evil cyborg who wants revenge on J’onn. Second, it introduces other superheroes to Kara’s world. Martian Manhunter is a major player in the DC World and the Justice League. I know that there is some sticky ground around some DC characters due to the movies (the Suicide Squad was removed from Arrow because of the upcoming film), but Supergirl could potentially involve some of the lesser heroes that are not currently a part of Arrow, Flash, or the cinematic universe. My vote is for Static Shock or Blue Beetle. I am super excited to see where they go with this newest reveal.

Next week is the winter finale and is called “Hostile Takeover.”

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