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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Earworm Reverberation’

Published on December 10th, 2015 | Updated on June 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Well “Shamy” shippers, it looks like we are in luck! Sheldon and Amy have officially gotten back together. And it’s all thanks to an earworm.

This episode begins with Sheldon recording his “decent into madness” as he has noticed that he has acquired an earworm that he can’t seen to shake. Making matters worse, (other than a disrupted bathroom schedule) he doesn’t recognize the tune that is playing over and
over again in his head.

He then accepts the possibility that he has truly lost it and begins recording things for his future self to
remember. These include the thermostat staying at 72 degrees, where his spot is on the couch, that any food Penny gives him is
safe to eat because he probably bought it and the heartwarming fact that Leonard is his best friend.

Still attempting to name the tune, Sheldon asks The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for help, to no avail. Hasn’t he heard of Shazam? He then decides to stay up until the tune comes to him, prompting Penny to smash his keyboard. Luckily Sheldon bought a tuba.

The next morning, as Sheldon lists off the scientists and artists and others who have gone mad, The Beach Boys trigger a memory. The tune
is “Darlin” by The Beach Boys and it turns out not to be an earworm at all, but a heartworm. He realizes he can’t get his darling (Amy) out of his head or heart and rushes off to win her back. Awww!

Sheldon interrupts Amy’s date with Dave to profess his love for her and that he wants her to be his girlfriend again. Dave, in awe, encourages them to get back together (“kiss her, you brilliant fool,”). When she accepts, they kiss like they never had before, proving that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

“I’m not crazy! I don’t have to take a pigeon as my bride!” – Sheldon

The important take away from tonight’s episode is that Shamy is back, but what about the rest of the episode?

Howard and Raj learn their band Footprints on the Moon has their first fan (after only playing once in the comic book store) and get super excited. So excited, that they track his every move and even stalk him at a coffee shop. There they find that he isn’t as cool as they thought and are disappointed.

Next week looks like Shamy is ready to take their relationship to the next level… Dare we say it… The dance with no pants? Will Footprints on the Moon get another fan?

Tune in Thursday’s at 8 on CBS.

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