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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘”Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris…”‘

Rebecca is narrating? Cool.

What isn’t cool is how her father’s addiction hardened her to the world. Now why is there a bullet hurdling toward her? Guess we’ll find out.

Back where we left off, in Brian’s apartment, Rebecca is interrogating Brian about Senator Morra and is not listening to him… Until Brian tells her that Sands killed her father.

“I just want you to understand what ‘s going on” – Brian.

Rebecca, stubborn and angry, takes Brian’s NZT dose so she can get some answers.

She begins to feel her senses heighten and visualizes her father. Brian decides to tell her everything, starting with his secret about being immune to the side effects.

Using this information, Rebecca carefully analyzes everything and she is really impressive on NZT.

“It’s not fair…”- Brian.

Who is A.G.? Amelia Glasser? Possibly. While Rebecca finds all that out, Brian goes to get ice cream.

Brian explains to her that the hallucinations are there to give her multiple perspectives. But that doesn’t explain why she keeps seeing her father.

They go see Amy to try to gather information. She tells them everything she knows and tells them to talk to Hawkes and Houston.

While there, a man, who works for Sands, is stalking them outside. And back to the bullet hurdling toward Rebecca.

She is shot in the shoulder, and thanks to NZT, she was able to kill the shooter. Again her father shows up and tells her she can turn off the
pain. He asks her why she is doing all of this, and that he loves her.

Brian sews up Rebecca’s shoulder and they head to headquarters. Rebecca finds the DNA code book for the man they are looking for. They can use it to determine what Hawkes looks like and then they can nab him.

They run into one little problem, Hawkes is dead. Heart attack…

Rebecca notices that Hawkes could’ve been drugged, possibly by Sands, and now their only hope is Houston.

They pay a comatose Houston a visit and begin discussing the burn book. He is responsive. It turns out that Houston might have been misdiagnosed and might actually suffer from locked in syndrome.

Nas grows suspicious about what Rebecca and Brian are up to and asks Boyle if he knows anything. This is so not good for our heroes this

Rebecca and Brian try out their homemade EEG and Houston begins to talk to them.

Houston cooperates and agrees to testify. Now all they need to do is lure out Sands. To do that, Rebecca is talking about kidnapping… she’s going down the same road Casey was when he tried NZT. They have an hour until her NZT wears off.

Rebecca and Brian capture Sands. They fed him the kidnapping line knowing he’d be listening in on them. Smart.

Rebecca starts hounding Sands about her father and why he had to die. He tells her some bullshit about her father just being a junkie.

Clearly upset about not getting answers, Brian helps her realize all the good she did today.

Now that Sands is going to jail, Brain has lost his connection to the immunity shot. He won’t be able to take NZT again. That is, unless they find Piper.

This episode was beautiful and sad.

Rebecca describing being on NZT – let me tell you, I kinda want to try it. She was very impressive on NZT, which is a testament for how brilliant she really is (off NZT).

It was nice to see this side of Rebecca. Seeing her get emotional about her father and to get so passionate about finding answers that she went against her protocol and tried NZT. It was sad to see how much her father’s addiction and death influenced her throughout her life. Go grab some tissues- She truly loved him and the hallucinations brought some peace of mind.

Hopefully, with Sands in jail, she will start to get justice for her father.

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