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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Finale: Part One!’

Remember when Rebecca and Brian arrested Sands? Good times, good times…

Well four weeks later, Piper is still missing and the FBI is no closer to finding the “Legion of Whom.”

Brian is no longer at the FBI, and is now working at a store. He moved back in with mom and dad and hasn’t had NZT in a month. How is he going to get Piper back?

Breaking News: NZT is now on the streets!

People are killing each other over NZT, most recently a double homicide at a laboratory. Rebecca believes that Morra could be linked to Sands and the outbreak of NZT dealing. The FBI begins interrogations.

Brian follows the news and misses it. He is having a hard time adjusting to normal life. Rebecca goes to Brian to ask him what apocryphon is.

He then goes to his new work buddy for some NZT.

They go to a party filled with incredible inventions. Imagine how awesome the world would be if everyone was on NZT. Without the side effects of course. Back on NZT, Brian takes Grover to on an adventure to find out the primary source. Hades. Or as his mom used to call him: Pumpkin. Regardless, Brian got the names of the distributors.

Rebecca visits Sands in jail and he requests a transfer. Morra has friends on the inside and they are making life unpleasant for him. He helps her narrow down the scientists responsible in return.

Brian gives Rebecca a name: Clay Meeks.

She turns him away leading Brian to go find Clay and put this to rest. Clay works for Sands and plans on distributing more.

Clay says that apocryphon is the knowledge that can’t be taught and disappears. Literally. Brian immediately calls Rebecca.

The FBI goes after Antoine Jacoby. Rebecca questions the plan but obliges. Jacoby is caught red handed and even gave up the rest of the
“Legion of Whom.”

Brian was wrong? What?!

Nas and Boyle goes to visit Sands to break the bad news. Sands wants to make a deal. And in return he will testify against Senator Morra as well as tell them where Piper is.

Brian is second guessing everything. He is losing hope.

He then has the realization that maybe the “Legion of Whom” wanted to be found and that’s why the FBI were able to find them so easily.

Nas and the team go to intercept Morra’s flight but he isn’t there. Brian shows up and tells

Rebecca that Bruster was working for Sands and that this was all a ploy. The “Legion of Whom” are people who actually people who work
for Morra.

Nas invites Brian back on the case and they head to the scene of a massacre.

To be continued….

??? What do you mean??? I want to know what happens now!!!

So is Brian back at the FBI for good? Where’d Clay go? Where is Piper? Will Brian be okay without the immunity shot? Why is Sands so sneaky?

There are so many questions and we have to wait a week for the answers… See you all next week for Part Two.

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