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‘Limitless’ Recap ‘Arm-ageddon

Brian tells his father everything and his father wants to get him out of it. He wants to keep Brian alive and out of jail. His father is
persistent but Brian needs to tell him that he doesn’t want out.

A little backstory on Boyle: He is a veteran turned FBI agent. His best friend, Aaron Shaw lost his arm in an explosion in Afghanistan and Boyle helped pulls strings to get him a robotic arm.

In the present Aaron calls Boyle to say that his wife is dead. Aaron was arrested for her murder, she was choked to death. He does have
an alibi though.

Aaron tells Brian that his hand was wrapped around his wife’s throat, but that his arm acted on its own. Maybe someone hacked into it. Brian agrees to look into it.

They go to CRAFT to ask about Aaron’s arm. Quentin Walker, who didn’t deny being the real- life Q, says it’s impossible that his arm was hacked. Brian, hearing the words “un hackable,” takes that as a challenge.

Brian begins to learn about hacking, one thing he learned, it’s boring!

Eventually, Brian hacks the arm. It is possible. But we can’t know how he did it because hacking is illegal.

But that doesn’t matter, beta testers for the arm everywhere are claiming the same thing Aaron is. Their arms acted out on their own.
It’s arm-ageddon out there!

Harris thinks that whoever hacked into the arms, holds a grudge against CRAFT.

Brian singles out Ellen Kang at CRAFT, and believes her to be BlackFlagBaby from the activist group Everywhere. The code to hack CRAFT was right on her computer. It almost seems too easy.

Brian looks to see if anyone would profit from arm-pocalypse now, Shell Corporation, Eve’s Mother, does. Kenny Sumida, Eve’s Mother’s mastermind is on his in Dubai. Brian asks his friends in Everywhere for help. AndrewJacksonsGoiter is a fabulous username btw.

Kenny come back to the US and is arrested. He confesses to hacking the arms but he didn’t kill anyone.

Kenny recruited Aaron as a test subject, paying him $200K to let him practice hacking on his arm. Aaron took advantage of it. He wanted an alibi to kill his wife.

Boyle confronts Aaron about this and says that Kenny couldn’t have hacked his arm for the murder, he couldn’t see the arm or the scene of the crime. So Brian hacks into the arm and makes Aaron hit himself. Cute Q gave Brian a weekend pass to the jetpack for solving the hacking problem.

Seeing that Brian isn’t going to listen to him, his father meets with Nas and accusing her of making him a drug addict. He also demands that she keep him safe, that she is responsible for whatever happens to Brian.

“If my son doesn’t survive this tact, you’re going to jail.” – Brian’s father to Nas.

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