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Justice League: The Snyder Cut Release Date Possibly Revealed for HBO Max

You asked for it and DC Delivered! The Snyder Cut of the Justice League will be making its way to HBO Max. Though we’ve known this for some time, information was pretty limited but we may have just found out when the film is being released.

The DC Press site is currently listing the debut of The Snyder Cut of Justice League on September 5, 2021. While we don’t have a formal confirmation or a press release, this is likely not an error but we’ll have to wait to find out more!

Here’s the image we’re seeing on the DC Press site:

Justice League: The Snyder Cut Release Date Possibly Revealed for HBO Max

The trailer for The Snyder Cut features a ton of new footage playing over the song “Hallelujah”. The trailer closes out with Bruce claiming that Steppenwolf, or Darkseid, has never fought them. Not united. The ‘Unite The 7’ tag makes a lot more sense now. Little is known about the changes Joss Whedon made to the movie, but reportedly there was just a ton of footage that was completely cut from the film.


We know for sure that Cyborg’s plot was changed drastically based on comments made recently by Ray Fisher. Fisher also accused Joss Whedon of abusive behavior on set, prompting an investigation by Warner Bros.

The film will have an absolutely insane run time of about four hours. During the Snyder Cut panel the filmmaker revealed that the movie would be dropping in hour-long chunks, and I assume that means we will receive four parts of around one hour each. The way they plan to release this is quite baffling to me, but I’m just grateful we’re getting this release at all.

Justice League received mixed reviews when it first came out, with many stating Joss Whedon’s changes as one of the reasons the film was so divisive. We’ll finally be able to decide that for ourselves.

Justice League: Snyder Cut wasn’t the only DC film to receive a trailer during the FanDome. Matt Reeves’ The Batman also received its first trailer, along with a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 and even the first trailer for the Seventh Season of the Flash.

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