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The Flash Season 7 Gets Its First Trailer

Those excited for the Arrowverse shows to return in 2021 were given something to keep them calm during DC’s FanDome. The Flash Season 7 debuted its first trailer during the event, giving us a first look at what we can expect from the Scarlet Speedster’s seventh year as the red blur.

The Flash, like all the other tv shows filming at the time, had its sixth season cut short because of the global pandemic sweeping the world. The Flash was left with fewer episodes in the season than it should have and ended without resolving its plot threads for the year. Season 7, based on this trailer, will be picking up where season 6 left off.

The trailer features Iris going crazy, Barry losing his speed, plane crashes, and even Godspeed. Most of this footage looks like it relates to the early episodes, resolving the lingering season 6 plot threads. What the season will be about afterwards, or if they just extended the plot to play out another half a season remains to be seen.

For now, fans are probably just relieved to see anything related to their favourite speedster. For some time, we had no way of knowing what would happen with the remaining episodes or if we would ever get to see them. Thankfully, we had nothing to worry about since Barry Allen will be returning in 2021.

The Flash, and many other of the DC Arrowverse shows have been delayed from their usual October release date. The majority of the shows will be picking back up in early 2021, with some returning even later in the year. Earlier reportings claimed June as the return of the second set of shows, but the specifics have yet to be revealed.

The Arrowverse shows will also be going through some major changes. This will mark the first year since Arrow ended in early 2020. The universe will also be losing its original Batwoman, with Javicia Leslie taking over as a new character. The line-up of shows will also be expanding with Superman & Lois set to premiere and a potential Arrow spin-off joining the roster.


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