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First Official ‘Justice League’ Trailer Released

Published on March 25th, 2017 | Updated on March 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

First Official Justice League Trailer Released


Warner Bros. has released the first official trailer for the upcoming Justice League film. It starts with Bruce and Diana talking about the coming threat, but she warns that it is already here. We get our first real look at the five together, fighting what appears to be parademons. These creatures were also seen in the future dream Bruce had during Batman v Superman.

We get flashes of some other characters throughout the trailer, including Mera, Aquaman’s wife, Lois Lane, and Henry Allen in prison (which will probably help set up Barry’s solo film). The action looks like it’s going to be awesome, though I never doubted that.

Some of the promos have used the phrase “Unite the 7,” but who are the remaining two. The end of Batman v Superman and the appearance of Lois could mean that Superman will in fact return during this film. I hope so as he is a staple of the Justice League. So that just leaves one more slot. Who is the seventh member?

There have been strong hints that Green Lantern will join the line-up, but this seems to be a heavily guarded secret. There is a Green Lantern Corps movie scheduled, but that’s about all the news on that front. Shazam is another possibility. In the animated movie, Justice League: War, Shazam replaces Aquaman as one of the League founders. There is a Black Adam movie in the works, so Shazam could also be a possibility.

I don’t know, but from the first trailer, I am pumped for November. I think this movie will do a better job of weaving together the light and dark tones. We can already tell that the comedy is going to come from Flash and Aquaman and how they interact with Bruce.

Justice League opens November 11, 2017.


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