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He-Man and Skeletor Have The Time Of Their Life In New TV Ad

The Weekend is over. The Summer is (almost) over. Though just because the time for barbecues and relaxing on the beach is over, that’s doesn’t mean you didn’t have the time of your life! And let’s face it, it’s never too late to throw in a little bit of ‘dirty dancing’…. especially if your name is He-Man or Skeletor!

Earlier this year, we were given an absolutely glorious commercial from Money Supermarket that featured Skeletor dancing down the street to “Fame”. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve had He-Man used to brighten our day. From those fun online cuts of He-Man singing “What’s Going On” to Inspirational Quotes placed over Skeletor pics, this is one area of pop culture that is filled with nostalgia and love – #SkeletorIsLove. So seeing Money Supermarket turn these feelings into fully realized shorts/ commercials is incredibly on so many levels.

And now Money Supermarket has done it again with He-Man and Skeletor recreating everyone’s favorite routine from Dirty Dancing. The costumes, the actors, the choreography, the marketing team who comes up with these ideas… everyone connected to this deserves major props and respect. And whereas some companies suffer from having commercials completely unrelated to their product, the randomness of this commercial just fits perfectly. This isn’t one of those “that was funny, but what are they advertising” commercials because you immediately associate these with being “so Money Supermarket!”

So bravo Money Supermarket team! Bravo! Although you know we’re going to want more of these…. many … many more of these <3 #EpicSkeletor