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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson’

Last week on Good Girls I could not help but think it’s only episode two. What more could happen? A lot is the answer and it seems too weak of a word to describe this week’s episode with our favorite gals. The phrase that escalated quickly came to mind this week. The odd part is knowing that the events which unfolded this week felt like a natural progression of the situation. I’m not sure how the show managed to do both, but I must admit this increased my love for the show ten-fold. This week the writers did not apply the brake when viewing a bumper sticker requesting we brake for a cause. There’s no slowing down for the law breaking suburban mothers. This week’s episode proves that if nothing else.

The episode opens with Beth prepared to finally pull the trigger. She checks the clip. She cocks the gun. Yet as she hears someone taking out the trash Ruby and Annie realize that the person exiting the building is not the intended target. This is the first time I felt the pressure of the clock in this episode. I felt as if Agent Taylor was interrogating me! As Tyler is nearing the garbage dumpsters, Annie manages to gain his attention by laying on the car horn. What would have happened if Beth killed Tyler instead? As the gravity of the exact thought sinks into Beth’s mind, she lowers herself to the ground. She immediately empties the clip and finds herself happy that she remained trigger shy long enough not to kill the wrong man.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson'

Through Tyler we learn that Boomer did not show up for his shift the other day and soon thereafter that he appears to be in protective custody. This makes sense with the stunt that he pulled to get out of having to turn against our ladies. Though the question remains.  For someone begging for people to believe him, why did he cave so easy? Of course he also appeared to actually care about Mary Pat somewhere in his sick twisted heart because he gave up his location to her! Word of advice. Never give up your location to anyone when you are in protective custody. Between Rio and the ladies we feel the inevitable tension and the clock ticking constantly in our ear for his death to occur.

Once they attain the location from Mary Pat, who played on Boomer’s emotions the entire time, they leave to take him out. While I do not doubt that her kids did care about him and want to know about him, I’m not sure why he felt that he could trust Mary Pat in the first place.  When you are blackmailing someone to marry you the marriage is not starting off on good grounds!  That’s not good ground for a good relationship period.  Friendship.  None of it.  I shook my head and knowing that Boomer sealed his own fate.  Before going with Beth once more, Annie must entrust Sadie to Nancy.  Annie has more nerve than anyone I know, but she cannot exactly take Sadie to go commit murder.  Not the ideal take your daughter to work day. Nancy begrudgingly agrees, but thankfully so for everyone’s sake.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson'

When arriving at the hotel that Boomer turned into his personal slop bucket, our favorite ladies realize that they cannot find Boomer anywhere. As the clock marched forward this episode, I knew as soon as Mary Pat opened the door that she would see Boomer on the other side. The fact he took a chance does prove how much he loved her still shocks me. Though for a split second this moment made me ponder if he might have at least one redeeming quality about him. However, as the situation escalated and the ladies began to wonder where Boomer could be, Mary Pat killed Boomer. As the scene unfolded and she laid there on the floor pant-less and him on the bed in his underwear I looked much like Ruby in the picture above.

While this is a scenario that seems perfectly logical for some reason that it went down this way had to shock viewers as much as it did our ladies. This of course is because of Mary Pat’s explanation as to what she did with the body. This could have been a simple case of self defense. I think that’s a safe bet for any of us to make, but instead after mowing him down with her car, while her kids were inside and obvious to the world thanks to noise cancelling headphones, she took it one step further. A step that made me wonder if I were watching a horror film instead of Good Girls. Was I watching Santa Clairta Diet?  Mary Pat did not merely move Boomer’s body. She cut him up because he would not fit in her freezer. Again, my face looked much like Ruby’s in the picture above.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson'

Despite knowing that Mary Pat is not a patron saint, I was still left in awe. I did not expect to feel as if I were watching a horror film on Sunday evening. A revenge story to be more precise. In a way, this is oddly fitting for Boomer’s demise. I am curious when the search for him will begin. Although the ladies fought earlier in the episode about whose responsibility it was to kill Boomer, who gets to shoot Boomer is a moot point now. There’s no more debate. There’s no more pressure. The clock has struck midnight and everyone has conspiracy to commit murder on their plate.

The strangest part is knowing the guilt the ladies are left with. Boomer was not a nice man, but his grandmother is a gem. She is absolutely amazing and this will leave her devastated. When are reminded of this when Annie starts listening to all the voicemails she has left him throughout the evening.  Why was he running late for dinner? He planned to stop by and have dinner with her after all.  She was going to cook pot roast, but she forgot to pick the roast up at the store.  He would surely tease her and a good laugh between the two of them exchanged. Instead, he sleeps with the fishes.  Well, the worms in this case.  Her loving Boomer and knowing the pain his death will cause her hurts far more than I saw coming.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'You Have Reached the Voicemail of Leslie Peterson'

I’m not sure how we have arrived here. The shock has not worn off from this past Sunday’s episode yet. I’m not sure how they can top this week, but after saying that the past two weeks and left slacked jawed on this episode I do not know what to expect. The only expectation I truly have is knowing that Rio is proud of Beth. Enough this teachings were not what ultimately brought down Boomer, he still owes these ladies for cleaning up their mess.  Considering that she received a storage locker at the end of the episode.  I think there will plenty enough to go around for any distress the ladies might have fallen under this week.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode of Good Girls?  How long can Boomer’s disappearance go unnoticed?  Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls this Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.