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‘Good Girls’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: ‘I’d Rather Be Crafting’

Published on March 5th, 2019 | Updated on March 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Good Girls is finally back for its second season! While I have not been waiting as long as many people, we all needed answers after that suspenseful season finale last year that left everything up in the air. Could Beth pull the trigger and kill Rio? Would he eventually kill both her and Dean? No one knew! The season opened up this year to what most would consider mundane activity gone to the extreme audiences wonder one thing before the episode takes us back twelve hours earlier. Whose blood is on the rug?

While viewers receive an answer rather quickly we still have to deal with the knowledge Ruby gains from Stan and knowledge Beth discovered the hard way. Rio made bail. In many ways we all should have known that giving the FBI a gang gift wrapped was never going to keep them in jail all that long. If we have learned much from numerous cop procedural all these years its that if bail is available the very people you’ve set up to take the fall, whether right or wrong, will be back on the street. Of course taking Rio out was never going to be that easy.

Beth wanting everything to be over is a natural progression too though so when we go back to her debating on killing Rio there’s a part of us that wants her too. Would that make for the best or most intense story for the show? No. Besides, many shippers of this pairing exist now that none of us truly wanted to see her kill Rio, but simultaneously I don’t think many of us wanted to watch him shoot Dean either! This moment shocked me and didn’t all at the same time. I cannot say I’m shocked that Rio shot him, but the thought that they were going to kill off Dean seemed shocking considering they let him survive the wreck.

Much like us Beth assumes that Dean will survive either so when the doctor comes in and informs our three favorite ladies that Dean survived we are all shocked. Annie gives a fake, “Yay” to relieve the stress of the situation considering Beth moments earlier appeared to be losing it. Why? Because even though we know that Dean is not the greatest person he’s still a father.  The conversation Beth would have to had to have with her kids would have ultimately amplified her guilt about the situation. If only she had shot Rio then Dean would not be fighting for his life again. That’s enough to make anyone burst out into laughter from the fear coursing through their veins.

Likewise fear is a common theme throughout the season two premiere. Now that Rio and his gang are out on bail, Stan is on constant alert. Though he is on constant alert throughout the entire episode because of a pen cap as well. Determined to gain evidence to put our ladies away, Boomer insists that the area marked off in the store where the robbery took place searched once more. Despite feeling that nothing more and dismissing the search much like Agent Turner at first, audiences are hit with a huge shock. Beth tossed the pen cap she used to write on the enveloped containing all the evidence FBI’s Agent Turner would need to put Rio away.

While we understand that they these ladies are indeed amateurs, they have been so careful until this point. It’s hard for us to believe anything could put them again. Despite joking about needing to find a way to erase the evidence, Ruby came close to turning in both Beth and Annie for a plea deal. Stan is right that any prosecutor would take it easier on her for turning in her friends, but as Ruby explains her kids are not the only children who have birthdays. They are not the only ones who will miss their mothers if they all go to jail for the crimes they’ve committed.

Upon discovering the company that items and DNA are tested at, Ruby suggests that they get the evidence that way. A rather comedic scene takes place within the Starbucks making viewers happy they were not in line behind Ruby that day. After all, depending on their need for coffee there could have been another criminal act take place that particular morning so they would make her move faster.  Although their plan is foolproof Beth and Annie realize they do not have time to find their samples and they cannot ruin the other samples as they contain rape kits.  As the ladies feel defeated, something remarkable happens.

Considering Stan’s stance on the matter audiences are shocked when the show reveals he managed to get the pen cap from evidence. Even though he is still mad at Ruby, claiming that he only stole the evidence their children, I’m hoping this will be the first step in a reconciliation of their relationship. I cannot imagine Stan and Ruby parting ways. What she did was horrible, but I also cannot imagine her standing by and Sara not having the surgery she so desperately needs to merely be a child. What is right and what is wrong? Despite Stan arguing the law is black and white in this case it’s hard not to see the gray areas of the situation.

Just when we think that nothing can get worse, Rio appears at the park where the ladies are sitting on a park bench and insists that the ladies take care of Boomer. Why? Because Agent Turner is finally starting to believe Boomer’s insanity. He wants to take these women down and we are left hoping that somehow this partnership dissolves even though it provides Boomer some relief. Relief that he isn’t warranted after what he attempted to do with Annie and the manipulation he’s attempting with Mary Pat to get her to turn on our good girls!  We must also hope that Dean does not become acquaintances to take down his wife either.

Regardless we know ultimately that Beth must clean up the mess that she’s made, but we have no idea how she will iron out all the problems currently swarming the ladies, including Annie’s potential meltdown on her sister upon discovering that her life is not going as well as she wanted. Nancy is pregnant which means the chance of Gregg leaving her slim to none and her sister will need her. Whatever occurs this season, I cannot imagine these ladies turning on each other. However now more than ever they must stick together because without each other the many characters not on their side the way fans of the show always will be.

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of Good Girls?  What do you see happening this season!  Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.


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