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‘Good Girls’ Recap: ‘Slow Down, Children At Play’

Last week, the second season premiere of Good Girls aired on NBC and fans once more became intrigued by the next steps that the ladies will take this season. Considering the contents of the bag Rio gave Beth last week the ladies will be stepping into territories they never dreamed of last season. Though I’m sure they ever dreamed of money laundering through wrapping paper and various warehouse stores either. They now belong to a future were silencers are their friends and attempting to murder those in their lives talking to the FBI is commonplace.

After receiving the gun, the women examine it in the donut shop where Ruby works. While there’s much debate of shooting Boomer or not, they have a gun with a silencer regardless. Despite no one wanting to shoot him they know this is what will be best for them ultimately. After all, if Agent Turner can build a case against one of them then he will be able to build a case against all three women. Although Rio puts pressure on Beth to kill Boomer, she cannot pull the trigger even though it’s against the show’s biggest scumbag.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'Slow Down, Children At Play'

After all, he attempted to rape Annie. He is attempting to get the ladies we love convicted, and he’s still manipulating Mary Pat. Yet as Beth points the gun at Boomer while he is on his knees, she realizes once again she cannot murder anyone Instead, Beth negotiates a deal so that Boomer will disappear forever. What will it take for him to leave? Just a measly 20,000 dollars! Considering the women do not have that amount of cash lying around, extreme measures must occur once again. This begs the question though. Are the ski masks coming back out?

Not quite yet. Instead of robbing another store, Beth begins to start selling off various items in her home and Ruby takes out a loan. A loan that she forges Stan’s name on! Ruby, Ruby, Ruby. What are we going to do with you this season? Just when it appears by the end of the episode Stan is finally getting to a point where he can forgive her, she goes and pulls a stunt like this. What will happen when the loan inevitably comes due? What happens when and if Ruby misses a payment? Her retort of stealing the money to keep their daughter alive will become a moot point leaving their relationship no leg to stand on. God may forgive her, but no priest will be able to put back their relationship back together.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'Slow Down, Children At Play'

What did Annie contribute? Nothing. This is especially true when in comparison to Beth’s and Ruby’s contribution. She has nothing to currently give up. While she is at Nancy’s baby shower, which seems insanely fast to me considering we just learned she was pregnant last week, Annie realizes that everyone at the party is beyond rich. A 1,000 dollars is chump change to spend on a gift for these people.  In that moment, Annie starts noticing every expensive piece of jewelry in the room.  While most of us assumed she was looking through the bags and purses for money, we soon discover she was looking for car keys.  Annie’s contribution is now a stolen car.  Not just any car, but a Telsa.

Even though she thinks they have done well, Dean informs Beth a Telsa is not a car they need to steal after a much needed breakdown before Beth.  I’m shocked he managed to keep his cool considering the events that have unfolded. In this moment I truly believed there’s a part of Dean that truly does care.  He wants to do right by his family and ultimately I think he even wants to do right by Beth.  My skepticism that he would give away some of the ladies secrets have dissipated because in many ways Dean feels he deserves everything he is getting.  Karma has latched on and it’s not letting go anytime soon.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'Slow Down, Children At Play'

Heeding and understanding Dean’s advice that the Telsa has far too many digital components to take to a chop shop, Beth has another idea.  Though I’m not entirely sure that attaining a car through a valet is as easy as Ruby and Beth made it look, they managed to get a Honda and attain the money for Boomer.  No death.  He will leave now that he has received his pay off.  Wait.  What’s that?  Nothing is ever that simple on this show you say!  This is true because as soon as Boomer talks to his grandmother he realizes he cannot leave her. The money becomes a down payment on a reception hall for his upcoming nuptials to Mary Pat.

Infuriated Annie informs her sister and Ruby that they should have just shot Boomer.   She also insists that she is the one with the gun from now on.  However, something tells me Beth will still attain the gun soon enough.  Why?  Rio insists that he will teach her his ways.  What I find remarkable about this specifically is this is a woman who attempted to put him in jail.  She blatantly lied to her about Boomer’s demise.  Yet here is Rio determined to teach Beth how to handle herself, which will only going to get her in deeper.  The truth is though, much like Rio knows, audiences realize that there’s no place Beth would rather be.

'Good Girls' Recap: 'Slow Down, Children At Play'

If this episode did not contain enough shocking twists and turns, the ending is one I did not see coming.  I had assumed that the show planned on keeping Gregg and Annie a secret for at least half of the season.  Instead as Nancy is confiding in Annie she discovers that the other woman that Gregg told her about is Annie.  While we are not sure what exactly the outcome will be until next week, something tells me between the drama already existing will only inevitably become compounded by something else.  I cannot wait to find out what is imminent for our ladies next.

What did you think of Sunday’s episode of Good Girls?  How will Nancy react to Gregg cheating on her with Annie?  Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to watch Good Girls Sunday at 10pm EST on NBC.